How Affiliate Marketing Works

Ever thought of making money while sleeping? Well for most of you see it as a dream and others see it as something very negative which promotes lethargy. Nonetheless, IT EXISTS and Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to go about it.

Now for starters think of it as a revenue-sharing model where you get a few promoters for pushing your product in the market and offer them an incentive or the other way around you become an affiliate marketer for other person’s products.
The idea is simple. The marketer gets a chunk out of income made by-product sold through him/her.

All the videos you watch of your favorite Make-up Artists, Painters, Musicians, Writers, and Bloggers often are engaged in affiliate marketing for some brand.
Remember the Lipstick Brand your favorite Makeup Artist mentioned in the video? That’s Affiliate Marketing right there. Usually, most of the Affiliate Marketers openly mention that whether they’re sponsored or affiliated with the product they’re marketing and urge you to buy it from their link or mention a code so you get discounted offer.

In cases where they don’t openly admit and the product placement is subliminal. The tracking links are still in use, where you go through the regular purchase process and the affiliate still gets paid.

Note that the consumer won’t pay a higher price when buying through an Affiliate, in fact, the marketing cost of affiliate is added in the product price.

Now the affiliate marketing isn’t just bound to one product and one merchant. There are networks on both ends. Imagine a website that markets multiple products as its affiliate program. “THIS IS WHY IM BROKE” this is one of those websites, how smart is an idea to make a collection out of all the products you think are of value, keeping the product range diverse so that there isn’t any competition or confusion.

Similarly, there are Networks on the merchant end of this game too!
There are networks that let you choose from a range of products the ones you’d like to market.
Amazons affiliate market program is one example, JVzoo, Commission Junction are few of many other networks you can hook up with as an affiliate.
One thing that you need to consider before going on reviewing the product or marketing it is called Involved Affiliate Marketing. This here means that whatever you’re vouching for should be honest and you should have firsthand experience with the product otherwise its very obvious for the audience to point out that you’re faking it to make a quick buck or you aren’t honest or confident about the product. This can also go wrong in affecting a product’s reputation since you aren’t sure about it and a confused marketer is very likely to destroy the product’s reputation along with his/her own.
Quick Review:
Review Products in your niche
Choose Products you have the first-hand experience with
Choose a network to link up with affiliate programs
Grow your Affiliate Game with Pay Per Click Advertising.

Start changing your life now!

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