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Ali Zaryoun Poetry Legend shares Life Experiences with Kashif Shah & Dania Khan

Ali Zaryoun’s poetry has shaped as a defining character of our society. The young and old alike are fans of heartwarming Ali Zaryoun poetry, how it reflects deep meanings using clear words, reveals unsaid expressions, discusses taboo subjects and spreads the message of peace and love for all consistently in his work.

If you are into Ali Zaryoun Poetry, THIS IS A MUST WATCH It was an honor for dankash to have hosted the north star of modern Urdu poetry and have him share a few words for those who would die to meet him in person. Since the youth in our country are genuinely confused with rarely a few inspirations to follow, we focused the interview entirely on what they need and coming from Ali Zaryoun what it will mean to them.

Ali zaryoun poetry is not just art rather it depicts the truth of our society, it brings out harmony, challenges the status quo and has a flare of faith and romance in modern Urdu literature. In this short interview, Dania and Kashif, sit with the man himself and talk about life experiences, career counseling, and guidance for the youth. When asked about how people should start their businesses or work on their passion, Ali beautifully addresses the importance of social media networks which are the golden opportunity to succeed right in our pockets but we do not dare enough to believe in ourselves and our work.

This session will be the best one you have watched where you get personal insight and glimpse into the life and ideas of legendary poet and mentor. #zaryounkhumari#alizaryoun#alizaryoun_poetry#alizaryoun_sahab#alizaryon#alizaryounshayari#alizaryounpunjabi#dankash#askdankash#instagram#youtube#liveshow#poetryshow#punjabpoetry#urdushayari#dankashlive For more useful #tips and #hacks related to #business#startups and income #growth stay connected with us on our social media channels

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