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Android App Development
25,000 PKR 12,500 PKR
People spend 90% of their time using apps on their phone rather than browsing and apps are dominating every aspect of modern life.
Learn android app development to build robust and secure apps for businesses around the world and adopt a profitable career path. App developers make thousands of dollars every month and so can YOU by enrolling in android app development physical classes at Dankash conducted by industry experts.
8 Weeks Course Plan
2 Hours Class Duration
Gold Medalist Certified Trainers
International Market Work opportunity
Guaranteed Internship
US-based Certificate

Who is this class for:

Anyone with a basic know how of computers can learn Android app development including:

  • Computer Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Inter Students
  • Skilled Individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Matric students
  • No Pre-Qualification Required

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Gold Medalist

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Learn Android App Development and Start Making Good Money

With mobile apps hitting $581.9 billion in revenue this year, app developers around the world are in a good position to make money. Businesses are realizing they need apps to reach their target audience as Gen Z spends 71% of their time on mobile apps, while more than 21% of millennial open their apps more than 50 times a day. By the end of this class you will be able to code and upload android apps for any business and niche. You can offer app development services to clients around the world and make money sitting at home, doing what you love.

Perks of Enrolling in Android App Development Course

  • In Demand Skill
  • Build Robust Apps
  • High Paying Contracts
  • Practical Training
  • Lifetime support
  • U.S certification
  • FREE orientation
  • NO PRE-Qualification Required

Here is what's included in Android App Development Course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Programming (JAVA)

Installing Eclipse IDE.
Variable, Constants & Array.
If-Else Conditions, loops & Lab

Lesson 2: Introduction to Programming (JAVA)

Classes, Inheritance & Abstractions
Encapsulation, polymorphism & Lab

Lesson 3: Basics of Android (Introduction to Android Studio)

Installing Android Studio. (SDK)
Setting Up Emulator.
Going Through with Android Studio. (Explanation of IDE). Packages, API Levels.

Lesson 4: Creating Hello World App in Android

Creating First App
Resources Folders
Gradle (app level, project level)& Manifest File
Intro to layouts Lab

Lesson 5: Main Building Blocks (Part 1)

1) Activity
2) Lifecycle Interns
Moving Between Activities
1) Transfer Data Between Activities
2) Lab

Lesson 6: Main Building Blocks (Part 2)

1) Content Providers
2) Broadcast Receivers
3) Lab

Lesson 7: Fragments

What are Fragments
Fragments Lifecycle
Attaching Between Activities
1) Passing Data Between Fragments & Activities
2) Lab

Lesson 8: Basic Android User Interface

Intro to XML
Views & Layouts
1) Common UI components
2) Handling User Interfaces & Lab

Lesson 9: Advance Android User Interface

List Views
Grid Views

Lesson 10: Multimedia in Android

Capture Pictures From Camera
Get Pictures From Gallery

Lesson 11: Saving User Information

Shared Preferences
Introducing SQLite
SQLite OpenHelper& Creating a Database Opening & Closing Database.
Working with cursor inserts, updates & deletes

Lesson 12: Mapping & Location Based Services

Using Location Based Services
Finding Your Location
Using the Geocoder

Lesson 13: Json

Json(What is Json)
Json Arrays & Json Objects
First Look in json
Parsing of Json
Basics about Network Requests
Assigning you your Final Project

Lesson 14: Using the Best Network Request API(Part1)

Volly (Best network request API)
Getting data from live server
Decoding Data from Json

Lesson 15: Using the Best Network Request API(Part2)

Studying Advance Custom List Views
Using Json to Show data into List View (Text & Pictures)