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Best PayPal Alternative Solutions for Pakistani Freelancers

PayPal payment method is no doubted one of the best payment methods for the digital world. But what if you cannot enjoy this facility? 

Well, in the case of Pakistan that is sadly true. Regardless of many attempts by Pakistani Govt. to bring PayPal in its home, the payment company has refused to enter the Pakistani market.

Pakistani freelancers now rank 4th in the global freelancing market. Due to the growing potential of digital businesses, many alternatives have been introduced for Pakistani freelancers. 

With the growing risks of fraud and threats in digital payment solutions, it is difficult to choose a secure payment system.

So freelancers must be careful while choosing any payment method. Safety checks must be ensured while making such a decision.

Many of them are reasonable alternatives to PayPal. These payment methods offer diverse online transaction facilities that are convenient for freelancers.

Here we will discuss these alternatives payment solutions for Pakistani freelancers.


Payoneer is truly a digital passport of a freelancer. It has business agreements with global companies like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour and Getty Images.

Freelancers receive payments in US$ which they can convert into Pakistani currency at any VISA ATM. This payment method is secure and attached to the VISA.

The good news is that now Jazz Cash has made a contract with Payoneer to facilitate the Pakistani freelancers. Now, freelancers having a Payoneer account can withdraw money through any Jazz Cash point throughout the country.

Due to these factors, Payoneer in Pakistan is a symbol of growth for freelancers.


It is another alternative to PayPal. It works well in Pakistan and linked with VISA, MasterCard and American Express. It has a verified payment method for freelancers.

Local Payment Solutions in Pakistan

If you are a new competitor and you have local Pakistani clients, then there are also some local payment gateways for you such as SimSim, EasyPay, and SadaPay. These payment solutions are linked with VISA and MasterCard. So we can make transactions online using these solutions. These systems are verified by State Bank of Pakistan so there is no hassle about the security breach.


SimSim is a service introduced by FINCA Microfinance bank. It is a card-less digital payment system. This solution is suitable for new freelancers with small earning as it has transaction limits.


EasyPay by Telenor Pakistan is designed especially for the e-commerce market of Pakistan. It has various online tools to satisfy the needs of Pakistani freelancers.


SadaPay offers cash withdraw without any additional bank fee. It has also multi-features to be called as a modern payment solution system.

With all these alternatives, there are enough freelancer payment methods in Pakistan.

5 thoughts on “Best PayPal Alternative Solutions for Pakistani Freelancers”

  1. Raja Ishtiaq Ahmed

    Thanx for details because we don’t no how we get mony form PayPal in Pakistan I have jazz cash Account and Easy pay Account. Thanx regards

  2. It is an amazing post and you explained in a detailed way. Nice to see this here. I will bookmark your blog for more details. Keep sharing the new things like this.

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