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Best Way to Start a Youtube Channel in 2020 – Creating content for Youtube

In this Covid19 I have compiled this series for you to start and launch your own YouTube channel in 2020. Now that you have completed the first step, your task now is to focus on content creation.

• What type of videos will you be shooting?

• How often will you shoot these videos?

• When will you post content on YouTube?

• How will you optimize this content for posting on YouTube?

Youtube is the only platform that has the easiest posting guidelines and almost no content restrictions on topics and community.

Whatever you are passionate about and can continue to talk about, you may choose it as the niche of your channel. In this video we will talk about how to create content for your YouTube channel after you have created it. You must remember this at all times that the content is the backbone of your channel.

If you are posting quality content that is actually spreading awareness and addressing the problems of your target audience than there is no stopping, you. However, make sure that you have some polarity. If you are all neutral and recording everything in a blunt tone than it will impact the engagement and watch time of your videos.

You must keep smiling, add some personality to your videos by humor, sarcasm, questioning, or whatever. Know the hooks that psychologically engage the audience to good content and include those hooks in your content.

Watch the video in full to know more about creating content for your YouTube channel in 2020. Stay tuned for the next videos in this series the best way to start your YouTube channel in 2020.

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