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Best ways u can earn online During COVID-19

The Corona Virus came from nowhere and suddenly took over the world. In the blink of an eye, we all were trapped inside our houses due to the Covid-19 Lockdown. This pandemic has cost millions worldwide their jobs.  We’ve seen it all reduced hours, changed working patterns, or even being let go entirely. If you’re a person who has been economically affected by the health crisis or you’re just fed up with the quarantine then you’re not alone.

After spending hours on binge-watching shows on Netflix, gaming, and doing all the chores, why not try to give something new a shot? Left to our own devices we have done nothing productive let’s work on that from right now!

The conventional and traditional side-hustles like house cleansing and private cooking are in less (or no) demand right now because of ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantine’ guidelines. But whether you’ve been laid off, or had your hours reduced or are searching out for supplemental earnings, there are still several secure ways you could earn money from your own home.

If you’re a determined person, you are probably already searching out for techniques to make money from home. We made a whole blog to help you figure out how to work from home.

At home business owners and you, all folks have a lot of options to earn money. A large number of excellent approaches to earn online during this Coronavirus pandemic are at your service.

We’ve prepared a handy list of the top 12 ways to make some extra money throughout the COVID 19 Lockdown – including the whole lot from online duties to ideas that may turn out to be as additional profits gigs even after the lockdown is finally lifted. Here are our tips to sell anything online during these troubling times.

Top 12 ways through which you can earn money online during Covid-19 Quarantine:

We know you’re dying to know how to earn money online without stepping outside your home during this coronavirus pandemic. Although it may seem like an unusual time to try new things and especially working from home is a new phenomenon to many still. Until the pandemic subsides we are all stuck at home and it’s time that we learn how to take back control of our own lives, and of our livelihood. 

If you’re looking to work from home due to the recent COVID 19 Lockdown or you’ve been trying to restructure your career altogether, keep reading because this blog has all the secrets. All the valuable information you need to fight the current crisis with ease. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of things you can try.

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1. Writing & Editing

Writing is a profession that is both office-based and can be done from the premises of your house. It is a massive worldwide category of online business. Writing encompasses a whole lot from net content, technical manuals, journalism, articles, blogs, researches, advertising and marketing content writing. And all of this has to be written, organized and corrected by you writers. So give your passion for writing a chance during this pandemic. Online Earning through writing is the most popular gig nowadays.

2. Online Fitness Coach

With so many caught at home far from their normal gyms, yoga studios, and Crossfit communities, now is high time if you have a fitness certification to take their talents online. As fitness experts, you can begin offering instructions and training on video streaming platforms like Zoom or YouTube.

And if you love working out, in general, make a channel and share your steps with the rest of the world. Become a certified personal teacher entirely online and give classes or sessions on strength and fitness that will get your online trainer career started.

3. Graphic Design

If you’re in the freelance world, then your experience of graphic designing is all you need to earn money online. If you have good knowledge of photo designing then rest assured several online freelance platforms have multiple jobs for you. This skill of yours is a useful resource during these tough times, with the digital segment set to develop and boom it will be particularly easy for freelance designers to run small businesses, organizations, and startups seeking out strong, reliable talent that is inclined to be on extremely high demand.

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4. Web Designer

Web designers are also all set for working from home. You can sell your services of creating the appearance and format of net/web pages. Your abilities are in high demand by many varieties of organizations and businesses, from big enterprises to small startups, providing you with the flexibility to work on high-end online projects.

5. Photo & Videographer

Surely, anybody and everybody has a camera on their phones nowadays. And photos and videos are a big way of capturing attention. The call for photographers in conventional and contemporary media will never decline. There are always a need for portrait photographers in commercial enterprises. Hold a camera and get creative.

6. Virtual Accountant

While there are lots of accounting software programs available, tax codes and deductions remain complicated and incomprehensible for most people and businesses. Accounting and keeping a tab of money trails is a demanding job but is a need of the time. So keep an eye out for accounting gigs, use your skills and earn money.

7. Tasks on Excel

Despite the fact, most human beings are acquainted with this Microsoft software staple, manipulating facts beyond easy SUM formulas regularly calls for the help and assistance of an expert. If tables, formulas, calculations, graphs, and charts are your jam, you will have a splendid possibility to get hired to show or crunch. Analyze and glean fruitful effects from complicated queries for clients.

8. Online tutoring

What do you think is there a better option than online tutoring? You most certainly can teach a subject to school, college, or university students. You can train and teach online even in case you do no longer have a college degree. While in complete isolation at your home you will really like this job. No form of specific qualification is required. If you understand English or have command over a specific subject then you could earn money.

You can earn a lot of money from these online tutoring classes. Choose to teach students about topics like mathematics, English, history, science, etc. All you need is an internet connection and it lets you tutor children all around the world.

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9. Virtual Assistant

Business proprietors, managers, and entrepreneurs are using virtual assistants to help them deal with duties like responding to emails and scheduling appointments from distant locations just by the use of the internet. Why not try being a virtual assistant for a change and answer all the emails in your pyjamas.

10. Consulting & Counseling

Counselling is the need for more and more humans as they are looking for stability in their everyday lives. If you’re a licensed therapist you can counsel people for a healthy lifestyle during this pandemic.

An increase in the demand for expert specialists is on the rise because of the uncertain situation. Help people fight their mental health issue by listening to them on video streaming platforms.

Another suggestion is to go for consulting as it is a fantastic diverse field. You can consult in marketing, enterprise, law, politics or simply anyplace your hobbies and capabilities lie.

11. Home Delivery & Courier Service

You can go to a courier service, they offer a number of jobs. Or you can be the ray of hope for people stuck in their homes. Follow strict social distancing rules and go for the delivery service. You have plenty of delivery service options the two most popular currently are: fast food or groceries. If this moves your fancy, then most definitely try it out instead of sitting at home.

12. Try Freelancing

Give Freelancing during COVID-19 a chance. On the internet, you can find a wide variety of freelance jobs based on your interests. Pick jobs for coding, translating languages, writing, video editing, photography, or web designing etc.

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Benefits of Working Online:

You can’t travel outside to and from office due to the COVID 19 Lockdown. Well why leave your home when earning from home is a great option. Stay inside and work from the comfort of your home. Online jobs are your best friends in this pandemic. You have probably heard a lot about online jobs from here and there, but let us share the great advantages of working online and then maybe you’ll be convinced to give it a try.

Due to the amazing list of benefits, a lot of people have been working online and the number keeps rising day by day. Here are some of the benefits of freelancing during COVID-19 :

  •  No Need to Stress– One of the biggest benefits of working online is that there is no excruciating stress or pressure on you. Compared to a standard workplace, online jobs are less stressful, and no one will be following or supervising you all of the time. You will plan yourself and can work at your own pace.
  • Flexibility- As compared to conventional workplaces online jobs offer huge flexibility. You have the energy to set your own working hours. You will not be tied down in a workplace from 9-5 even when you have already finished the day’s duty. You can easily tend to other personal obligations as well.
  • Be your own boss-Working without a person over you is an unknown mystery to many people out there. What else are you seeking out in a job? You will no longer be shouted at now and again nor will get scolded even for the smallest mistakes.
  • Work for New clients- Another benefit is that with online jobs, you’ll be able to work for exceptional clients. This means great unique gigs and offers you the possibility to choose from clients the one with excellent rates. The greater clients you have got, the better you’ll be able to earn a commission.
Grow Your Business During COVID-19 :

If you’re wondering how your businesses can survive in these unsettled times coming ahead. There’s no easy answer to your worries; however, there are a few ways you can use for planning to grow your business in the coming months. This is how you can grow your business by Freelancing during COVID-19:

  • Keep a healthy attitude to come up with innovative thoughts to transport forward.
  • If confronted with some tough decisions, take time to calm yourself and DON’T take any drastic decisions.
  • Governments are providing aid to small businesses, be up to date with how your governments can assist cut your business.
  • Devise a financial plan, look at your private finances, and draft a realistic way to manage your private spending for the next couple of months.
  • Invest in the promotion of existing business.
  • Look for ways to accommodate new sort of customers.
  • See how you can digitize and sell your services then start presenting them online.

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Freelancing and best Skills for Freelancing:

Gone are the days when anyone could make it in the freelance world. Freelancing requires some skills that set you apart from the rest of the competition. A skilled freelancer is a successful freelancer. Your capabilities will not only help you get the best gigs it will also provide you with the flexibility that comes with working online.

It should come as no surprise that highly-skilled workers from the freelance platforms, such as Fiverr earn commission greater than the unskilled newbies out there. While different gigs require people with different skills, however, there are some skills highly in-demand on the freelance marketplace, you should just know how to sell your services.

  • Learn how to build websites learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills will benefit you greatly as these are in high demand.
  • Graphic designing is another skill that will always come in handy for brand awareness.
  • Content writing and editing are rapidly becoming one of the most wanted skills to have as a successful freelancer.
  • SEO skills get businesses noticed by their customers and ensure their website is optimized for search engines. Practising SEO techniques will lead you to big clients wanting you to work your magic and getting their site optimized by search engines.
Start Freelancing marketing in COVID-19:

Dive into the world of freelance marketing in this COVID 19 Lockdown it can be a very exciting experience for you. But how should you do it the right way? Freelance marketing can be a perfect way for you to earn money, express your creative skills, and make connections with your customers.

For a freelance marketer, your main job will be to help agencies and companies sell their brands. EVERY enterprise out there needs marketing assistance in one form or another, especially the new ones on the horizon. Just think about it: You can be a successful freelancer by providing your services to a brand new tech start-up that needs writing sales letters or catchy tweets.

Freelance marketing offers numerous roles, it just depends on what you’re interested in doing, following are potential freelance marketing jobs you can choose from solely on the basis of your skills, talents, and interests.

1.  Email Advertising– Writing the text wanted for advertising and marketing products/offerings including sales pages and electronic mail campaigns. If your clients want to promote their product through emails you can write content that will catch the attention of customers.

2. Content Writing- Writing content for weblogs, blog posts, articles, videos, and podcasts are all included in marketing content. Content writing commonly on descriptions about products for selling them to people.

3. Social media Management- This covers posting and selling a company’s logo and content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

4. Search engine optimization (SEO) – This process involves you writing material for getting a business’s web content exposed up in the results of multiple search engines.

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Final take:

Conclusively, we hope to have provided you with ample opportunities for online earning in Lockdown. Desperate time calls for desperate measures so during this Corona outbreak invest your time in building an online presence in the freelance world. Explore and experiment with all the tips mentioned in this blog post.

Try getting your very first gig or expand your old account to new horizons. There are a ton of opportunities waiting for you only if you’re willing to make the effort. Earning through Freelancing is the choice of most people during these tough times. Try out new things, work with your capabilities and make an online carrier out of it. Several Freelancing Apps have also entered the game; check them out see what works for you best.

Online jobs allow you to work easily from home and the lockdown has also not had a massive impact on them. While other jobs may still take up to several months or even a year or two to fully recover after the lockdown is lifted. It is for your own interest to look for innovative ways to work from home.

Consider all your options and go after the one that makes you happy. The best thing about online jobs is that they require no investment yet earn you a lot of profit. Freelancing could be an opportunity for you to make a long-term investment in your future. So stay at home, stay safe, and opt for online earning.

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