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Parents don’t agree with my Career Choices

Parents don’t agree with my Career Choices

Career Choices in our society is mostly influenced by parents. Most of us have different career and subject choices but we are not allowed to choose as per our preferences. Asian parents feel that they know the best career field for you and they have all the right to pick from different types of career choices for their kids.

This is not fair by any means One, there is a clear generation gap and the careers that were hot 50 years ago are not relevant now. As the world progresses we have to consider smart career choices in Pakistan that are akin to the in-demand skills and trends. Often students complain that I should decide the right career choice for me so that I can follow my passion and experience growth in my own field of interest.

Why does parental pressure play a role in career choices is obvious. These parents feel inclined to take life decisions on behalf of their kids as if deciding their best interests. Should parents decide on a career for their child? No, absolutely not.

Parents may suggest some career choices based on personality or experience but they should never impose their approach on their children. If you have rigid parents, and you want to follow your passion whereas they want you to follow their steps then how do you convince your parents to support your dreams? You tell them nice and easy, how the world is changing, careers are changing, lifestyles are changing. New times call for new measures.

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