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Complete Fiverr Training Course

A Complete Step by Step guide on Fiverr Earning

  • Modules: 5
  • Hours: 4
  • Price: 60,000 0

What Real Members Have To Say

Recent research shows that 97% of Pakistani who took a course with Dankash learnt something new for themselves or their business.

What you will learn in this course:

  1. How to make money on fiverr?
    We will discuss how to make money on fiverr while being satisfied. Freelancing is not about working crazy to earn some dollars rather I will show you exactly how you can make money on fiverr with inner satisfaction and peace.
  2. How to work on fiverr in Urdu
    Since our major audience understands Urdu and there is very little information available for such freelancers in their own language. This course will teach you how to work on fiverr in Urdu so that you understand each and everything clearly.
  3. What is gig in fiverr
    Gig economy is growing and bringing more revenue than ever. We will learn about what is a gig in fiverr, how to create optimized gigs for ranking and getting jobs, what gigs perform on fiverr etc.
  4. How to get orders on fiverr
    The major concern for freelancers is getting orders. In this fiverr training course you will learn how to get orders on fiverr to suit your needs and budget. You will start getting orders as per your own preferences.
  5. How to get promoted on fiverr
    Fiverr has level systems; to earn big amounts your profile should improve in seller levels. I will reveal exactly how you can get promoted on fiverr and jump to higher seller levels for higher income.

Complete Fiverr training course outline

  • Class overview
  • What’s so good about fiverr?
  • Meet the teacher
  • Freelancing with fiverr
  • Starting on Fiverr Must Know
  • How we work is changing
  • Market your fiverr gigs:
  • Clarify your work values
  • Creating a profile on fiverr
  • Craft your gigs to suit your well
  • Why fiverr wants you to make money
  • How much money you earn
  • 10 ways to make more money
  • Plan your first gig
  • Create a gig step by step
  • Pricing your gig
  • Spying on competition
  • Researching a new topic
  • Moving up the levels
  • Your new office
  • Powerful selling tools
  • Make a great start
  • Grow your success
  • Boost your results
  • Resources for growth and success
  • Consider a few negatives
  • Success tips