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Welcome to Freelancing Success Course

Through this course we are sharing exactly how we made a freelance business to go from 0 to multi million. We have revealed the process, strategies, client winning tactics, and experiences that will help you create a sustainable freelancing business.

What’s this program all about?

This program will take you through a step by step journey towards setting up a great freelancing business. The best part is that it includes lessons from many freelancing success stories. Not only we have built multiple sustainable businesses using freelancing but we have also helped thousands of students, struggling freelancers, and stuck in 9-5 individuals who wanted to build a sustainable earning using their skills.

All these journeys gave us questions that anyone can possibly have about freelancing business and areas where freelancers may face problems. We have covered everything for you in this elite program.

If you want to

  • Grow your income
  • Cover your expenses
  • Quit your job
  • Do what you love
  • Build a sustainable income and

But you don’t know exactly where or how to start – this is the program for you!


This is an exclusive program that will give you everything you need to build a successful freelancing business.

  • 4 hours on-demand video about effective freelancing
  • Downloadable Ebook Ultimate Guide to Freelancing
  • Actionable Items to start and accelerate freelancing
  • Job Winning Proposals
  • Overview/ Bio Samples
  • Scope of work (multiple)
  • Questionnaire (web design, logo design)
  • Ikigai Worksheet
  • Freelancer’s tools list
  • Email template (designer)
  • Logo template (designer)
  • PLUS 2 Awesome BONUSES to give you a great start

The decision to run a business or adopt a career path is never easy, and we don’t want to overwhelm you, which is why we offer you these 2 amazing bonuses. WAIT FOR #2

BONUS #1 ” Business card templates, design templates, social media covers, and social media promotional posts custom designed by professional designer. Valued at 10,000 PKR.

BONUS #2 ” Up to 6 Ready to Use websites custom designed and custom coded for both agencies and freelancers whether build your own or use for clients. Valued at 50,000 PKR.

For Upwork and Contracts watch these FREE courses.


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