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Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Creating Effective Facebook Ads.

Considering that you’re a startup or a small business, then paying in a lot of money to push your ads will not be a smart choice. What’s important for you is to create optimized Facebook Ads that are targeted at the right audience.

All The Right Ingredients for a Facebook Ad:

Visual content is more likely to be shared and remembered than the written content. People today have considerably shorter attention span, and one way of cutting through is that you show them an image or a visual to get their attention.

Facebook ranks your ad before anyone else judges it!

Of course your Ad should be relevant to your target audience otherwise you’ll be misdirecting them. For this obvious reason which wasn’t very obvious to many people Facebook Created an algorithm which assesses the relevance of your ad image and favorably treats it according to the relevance score.

By this we mean that a viewer should easily be able to focus on what you have to offer which makes you different from others. For example, you can add testimonials in “Quotation marks” by people who loved your product to make your ads better.

Call to Action should be prominent and direct, a user shouldn’t feel lost after viewing a beautiful ad, or else your ad might lose its charm on the audience. To encourage them to buy your ad should direct them to the next step. Add a sense of urgency like “Click now to buy, Offer Ends Soon”. This often works but remember you should do this without being too pushy or authoritative over your viewers.

Importance of Knowing your Audience:

Take any product or service being sold in the market, it will have its set audience or cliental belonging to a certain demographic. For example Age, Gender or interests. So knowing your Audience comes first if you want to Optimize your Ads to specifically target them.

Usually, startups or small businesses conduct a survey to research demographics of people responding to their product, but investing in that also is a lot to handle for someone who isn’t equipped digitally.

Facebook Ads on the other hand target a group of Facebook users that all share common interests and are of similar characteristics.

Through Facebook you’ll have the option to select Custom Audience on the basis of Age, Location, Sex, language, Interests and Behaviors and their connections to other business pages similar to yours.

Facebook Also allows you to create a Lookalike Audience. This Feature Allows Facebook to create a group of people resembling a certain source profile.

Types of Facebook Ads:

PHOTO ADS: Take a Crisp Photograph of your product, making it the center of the focus. Then add Call to Action text over it. This is one of the old school ways to promote your product by slipping it into the News Feed. (For placing your ad in the news feed your image should be at least 1080 by 1080)

VIDEO ADS: Video Ads are the most engaging out of all. Video Ads undoubtedly perform better than any other Ad form. According to a Facebook Study nearly all of the data will be consumed in video form by 2021. Video ads further have many types.

You can either make a Gif for your ad which won’t even require audio or you can make vertical videos for Instagram’s Stories.

You can also make instream videos to integrate those into other video streams

Then there are Video Carousel Ads, these can contain multiple media a user can rotate and skim through. These kind of ads are perfect for introducing multiple product range or multiple features of the same product.


Similar to Carousel Ads, you can make a slideshow (only of images) to make a detailed ad for a user to interact with. A user would be able to rotate and look through multiple images describing multi ranged products or multiple detailed features of the same product.

Ad Placements:

After choosing the right audience, you’ll have to choose the right placement for your ads.

First of all, you need to know that all placements aren’t compatible with Mobile App and desktop alike. You need to know whether your business prefers a mobile device or a desktop.

Initially, we suggest you start with a single News feeds placement. This will help you understand you’re demographic better and the News Feed placement works the best out of all because this is where all of us are addicted to scrolling!

A few other suggestions (But select it according to your product)

  1. For Brand Awareness Use Placement in Facebook Stories, This Placement is Optimized for Mobile Phone Devices and there’s a 15 sec limit for your ad to pop up before Facebook stories.
  2. Use Instagram Placement, Its High in Cost but yields better results in most of the cases.

Important Tips:

  • Video, Video, Video, Video, Consistently and Creatively.
  • Keep your video content Raw
  • Turn off all placements except the one (or two) required for your business.
  • Keep creating content consistently
  • Create multiple variants of your Ads, check the performance of your ads in the first hour, discard the variants which aren’t performing.
  • Use 8 Facebook Templates for your Ads (choose according to your ad’s specification)
  • Use Facebook Pixel to Locate where your audience got dropped before sales and to retarget the same audience again.
  • When placing your Ad for the first time, start with the Facebook Feeds Only
  • Target Your Potential Customers with Custom Audiences
  • Keep Aside 15% of Your Budget to Brand Building
  • Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to increase your reach
  • Use Carousel Ads to sell e-Commerce Products
  • Create a Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel
  • Allocate Appropriate Ad Budget
  • Communicate with Your Prospects via Facebook Messenger
  • Use the Lowest Cost Bid Strategy
  • Observe Ad Frequency
  • Discounts get people buying. Keep introducing special offers
  • Build an Email List Using Facebook
  • Do not write a lot of text in your Ads
  • Don’t Adjust Your Facebook Ad Campaigns During the Learning Phase
  • Target Warm Audiences (the ones already interacting with your page)

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