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Future Of AI And Its Benefits

How far we are to live an AI-based life?
What are the benefits of AI that we will get?
How exactly it will affect our lifestyle?
Can it be harmful to us?
Why are there so many misconceptions about AI?

Watch this live show streamed particularly to clear some misconceptions on Artificial Intelligence. Dankash is helping people to achieve their financial and social sustainability by encouraging them for freelancing and startups.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lifestyle. Today, the average person is hardly able to get to work without some interaction with a machine. That is how powerfully AI fever has gripped us.
With its enormous potential, we will experience amazing positive changes in every aspect of life. Whether it’s food, health, sleep, socializing, or business, AI will be there for us.

Artificial intelligence is continuing its migration out of the research lab and into the world of business. For businesses, AI has started to bring the changes and ultimately a positive outcome for them.

Smart technologies aren’t just changing our homes & our daily lifestyle; they’re edging their way into their numerous industries. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy across an organization.
AI will become the sole medium of business handling in the future.

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