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How and why create a Specialized Profile on UPWORK?

Worried due to low-response rate against your project proposals on Upwork? Want to build a profile that grabs the client immediately? Want to boost up your freelancing career? Watch our live show session and you will learn how to create a specialized profile on Upwork.

AskDankash is our live Q&A session for students, freelancers and new businesses. So don’t hesitate to ask any question that you have in your mind about your profession!

Upwork is the largest freelancing platform. Being a freelancer, you know it well that the industry is rising day by day. Upwork has millions of users. Due to which, there is tough competition between freelancers to get the project. But it has made the clients easier to get their desired freelancers. They prefer to choose a freelancer with a more professional outlook.

The first thing that any client reviews is your proposal. Then, they review your profile for their final decision. So your profile must look professional. In this video, you will learn how you can enhance your profile’s richness. You will learn how to implement these techniques to craft your profile according to your area of expertise.

So watch the complete session and you will be an improved person at the end! You can also enhance your learning through our specialized Upwork Training Course.

To build a Sustainable Career as a Professional Upwork Freelancer