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How can I freelance while still working full time job

How can I freelance while still working full time job

Are you doing a job and want to be a freelancer too but don’t know how to manage both?
Do You want to know the Future of Freelancing?
Do You want to know tips for Freelancing?

In the 81st part of the dankash show, we have discussed How can I freelance while still working a full-time job. Dankash is an online learning institute or platform. We have solved thousands of case studies in the past 3 years and built thousands of entrepreneurs who are running their design house, editing, software house, and their agencies.

It can be daunting to have a day job and think about starting another work on the side. However, freelancing has flexible hours, and the freedom to choose projects and decide workflow so you can give it a try alongside your job.

If you are professional offering services to a fixed employer, why not offer freelance services to clients across the globe and make much more?

How to begin freelancing while already doing a full-time job

To begin freelancing whilst you have already got a full-time job, you should remember the subsequent steps: 

Define your goal outside of work that is important to you
What area of interest will you specialize in?
What offerings will you offer?
Find an area of interest (and keep on with it)

The solution to this query is your long-time goal. To pursue it, you`ll set some brief-time goals and solution questions such as: 

Q: What quantity do you need income on a month-to-month foundation to determine to end your full-time task (if applicable)?

Prioritize your full-time work with part-time freelancing

While you’re presently operating full-time, supply all your interest in your full-time job during operating hours. Don`t take freelance conferences throughout the day, don`t write freelance emails during working hours. 
If you`re in a scenario in which you are capable of beginning freelance “full-time,” test out our way to transition from operating full-time to freelance. 

Identify goal customers

You shouldn`t purpose to cowl each area of interest in your industry, you shouldn`t purpose to cater to the wishes of the whole industry`s marketplace. Small organizations, teams, far-flung workers, or maybe different freelancers all require the equal form of carrier you`re seeking to offer. But, you`ll want to goal one especially. 

Identify goal readers 

Think approximately the age of your favored readers. Perhaps you`re a Millennial so you can write a weblog approximately running remotely for Millennials? Think approximately the location. Perhaps you need to cowl predominantly the United States marketplace? Think approximately the schooling degree. Perhaps you need to cowl newly impartial far-flung workers, who`re simply beginning out their careers? 

Set your freelance fees

Setting your freelance fees constantly looks like a tough point, however, it`s plenty greater honest whilst you listing the essential parameters that assist decide your best (and realistic) pricing: 

Experience (if any)
Education degree
Supply and call for your offerings
The fees in your industry
The common freelance hourly fees in your area of interest
Your location
Setting hourly fees 

Avoid burnout while freelancing and working full-time

Be conscious of how much time you spend working and take time for yourself if you need it. Take a weekend off and relax. Sleep in case you can! 

We recommend not working on weekends! Working weekends may be essential for your freelance facet business. If that`s the case, don`t work each weekend.

Create a website (and portfolio)
Once you`ve described your enterprise dreams, observed an area of interest, diagnosed your goal

Start Your Career in Freelancing

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