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How Small Businesses Can Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID19 has forced business owners to think about how businesses can survive and thrive in 2020. This year has been unexpected and unwelcomed for businesses around the world.

Jack Ma has rightly named the year 2020, the year of survival. Businesses should not be worrying about profits rather focus on survival for this year said Jack in an interview.

Half the year has already passed and we can see that this has become a major concern for most businesses that how businesses can survive and thrive at this time. For instance, just outside my home, on the main boulevard there were all sorts of restaurants and cafes operational all night long. Always filled with people restaurant business in Lahore were flourishing and the business owners were happy.

However, due to lock down all the restaurants shut down, since the past 45 or 50 days none of these restaurants have had a sale. Where is there business headed to during this epidemic?

Similar thoughts are bothering every other business owner. When they look at no sales when they have fixed costs but no income they worry about how businesses will survive and thrive in 2020. In this show, Friday at 8 pm we will discuss in detail how businesses can survive and thrive in 2020. We will discuss

– The mindset you need to adopt

– excelling on the digital front

– optimizing operations and resources

– Making 2020 a profitable year for your business

– building a virtual presence for your business in 2020

– Sustaining and growing your business during the lockdown

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