How to improve your gigs using Fiverr search tags?

Fiverr is one of the favorite platforms for freelancers. Many young freelancers face a low ranking of their Fiverr gigs. In this blog, we will talk about how to improve the gigs using Fiverr search tags.

Keep your passion alive with these facts

First, here are some quick facts to increase your freelancing passion.

  • Work from home improves 13% productivity than work in the office.
  • 61% of freelancers specializes in 2-3 skills.
  • 61% choose freelancing by choice
  • 51% don’t want to go back to their old jobs.
  • 25% get their first job in 24 hours.
  • 70% work on multiple projects at a time.
  • 63% agree to work with more than one client.

Fiverr Facts

Here’s a glimpse to some key Fiverr facts.

  • Fiverr has 5.5 million active users.
  • 800,000+ sellers are there.
  • Fiverr generates $50 million every month.
  • 200+ categories for freelancers to work.

What is Fiverr gig?

The gig is your proposal to a client. It shows your services and skills. The gig is a small piece of service for a project. Remember it’s not a complete project.

Problems that freelancers face about Fiverr gigs

Most freelancers face these common problems related to their Fiverr gigs.

  • Not ranked on the first page.
  • Still low ranking even they are on 1st or 2nd level.
  • Not optimized.

To know about the solution, first, you get an overview that how Fiverr’s search algorithm works.

How Fiverr Search Algorithm Works?

Fiverr counts these things while ranking your gig.

Your reviews matter the most. Get as many reviews as you can. Keywords in your title and description. Use proper keywords and LSI keywords in your gig.

A Tip for You!

And remember one vital tip, NEVER give any services for free. Yes, you can give free resources like e-book, brochures guide etc. But say no to any service! You have to start with small gigs at the start.

What are the search tags?

Search tags are keywords that clients use to find the desired services on Fiverr.

How to use search tags?

First, you have to find what popular search tags in your domain are. For example, you are a logo designer. If you search logo design on Fiverr, you will find relevant tags like ‘professional logo design’, ‘expert logo design’ and ‘cheap logo design’ etc.

So, find and get the popular search tag of your skills. Make sure that your tags are relevant to your skills.

Using Broad or Narrow Tag?

Broad search tag attracts more users and hence more competition. On the contrary, the narrow tag will attract only specific people in your domain.

For example, if you use ‘logo design for coffee shop’ tag, only coffee shop owners will communicate with you. But if you use ‘logo design’ tag, it will grab every person who wants to get a logo design. But remember! Other logo designers will also use the same tag. So be ready for the competition!

It’s up to you that you use broad or narrow search tag.

Dos and Don’ts to use Search Tag

  • Search your domain and use tag wisely.
  • Use 3-5 tags in one gig.
  • Don’t use special characters and duplicate words.
  • Don’t use one term again.
  • You can use uppercase or lowercase for tags.
  • Read Fiverr Terms of Services so you can know their policy.

Now, let’s discuss more this topic to help you more.

How to Rank your Fiverr Gig on the first page?

Here are some guidelines to rank your gig on the first page.

  • Use only that organic keywords in your title which are popular in your domain.
  • Mention clearly about your professional skills in the bio.
  • Video gigs rank higher than image-based gigs. Keep video duration from 40-60 seconds.
  • Add relevant search tags.
  • Write your gig description clear.

Newbie freelancers can also rank their gigs by sharing their gig on other social platforms. Share your gigs on relevant social media groups.

SO now you have enough knowledge to rank your gig on Fiverr. Still, have questions? Listen to our live Q&A session on YouTube and you will get answers to most of your queries about freelancing.

Feel free to ask any questions about freelancing in the comments below. We are happy to help you in any way!

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