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How to start freelancing business and get new clients

How to start freelancing business and get new clients

Freelancing makes us think about freedom and flexibility. Yet, it demands taking a step forward that emphasizes performance and effectiveness, too. 

What is freelancing? 

Freelancing refers to everybody operating independently instead of being devoted to a particular employer, who will pay them a steady salary. Oftentimes a freelancer chooses to work for more than one customer on an equal time. 

Advantages of freelancing 

Here are the important thing freelancing advantages which have lured hundreds of thousands to the so-known brighter aspect of the workforce: 

  • Flexible hours
  • Higher compensation
  • Low funding to begin
  • Work in which you need
  • Control your work-existence balance
  • Like the yin and the yang, there`s a difficulty of dualism in freelancing

How to start a freelancing business?

From constructing an internet site to selling your commercial enterprise, here`s our manual on the entirety you want to recognize approximately beginning a successful freelancing profession that earns you money. 

  1. Decide what offerings to provide 
  2. Create an internet site 
  3. Pick a gap 
  4. Define your goal marketplace 
  5. Sharpen your capabilities 
  6. Build your emblem 
  7. Choose a pricing method 
  8. Take care of your price range 
  9.  Find activity possibilities 
  10.  Promote your self 

How to get clients after starting a freelance business?

You’ve set your business up, you’ve got your online presence sorted, your website completed, and a few portfolio items up on your site – now you’re waiting for how to get clients as beginners that will flood into your inbox. 


  1. Ask for referrals/Friends and Relatives

Referrals are one of the first-rate approaches to getting new clients. In this case, you refer to your own pals, and circle of relatives.

  1. Local Market Clients

This is helpful to jump into local Marketing. The local clients can be small business owners (Real estate, Clothing Shops, and wholesalers). Every store needs an assistant to manage it. So, jump into local marketing.

  1. Social Media Platforms

There is a total of 4.55 billion Social Media users in the world. That’s more than 60% of the total world population. Be positive to technique networking with this attitude,

“How can I assist others?” or “What’s in it for me?”


There are over 60 million active business pages and 620 million groups on the Facebook page. 

Join Facebook groups relevant to your niche

Join as many Facebook groups as you can and post on each group daily and make sure you are consistent with your posts. Uploading the content should also be relevant to your business to improve your business through Facebook pages.


Instagram is a visual-driven network. However, the written word still has its place there. Write an image copy that hooks people’s attention while connecting with your post text. Link your facebook account with Instagram or LinkedIn to grab your social searching customers. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides an opportunity for businesses to market to the right audience and grabs their attention on the go. Avoid using professional lingo if it won’t be understood by your customer.

  1. Offer discounts and incentives for new clients

Provide discounted offers to new customers. Track which clients redeem the unique provides then goal them with an advertising message encouraging and attractive them to maintain shopping from you.

  1. Re-contact old customers

Everything old may be new again. Re-contact your old clients on an everyday basis or after a month or year, contact via email, skype, etc. They`ll be happy you remembered them.

  1. International Online Freelance Markets

Here are some international online freelancing markets that assist you to promote your growth.

  • Fiverr(recommended for beginners)
  • GURU
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Freelancer
  • 99Designs(For Graphic Designers)
  1. Remote and hourly jobs

Offer the customers your services remotely instead of the 9-5 shift. Take jobs as projects and provide a timeline to complete them according to a certain contract. These one-off projects will let you work on more than one project instead of a 9-5 shift.

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