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How to Write a Perfect Blog?

How to write the perfect blog that helps you stand out and attract targeted traffic?

Optimizing your blog for SEO is critical because it will improve your rankings, views, and reach. If you are creating content but not optimizing for the right keywords then your targeting will not be complete.

SEO is a vast field with different practices for on-site content and off-site content. Whenever you post something on your own website that is a part of on-site content. YOAST is a popular tool used for on-site content optimization and validation. This may include landing pages, sales pages, service pages, blogs, and other pages on your domain.

When you create content to post on other websites like guest posts, question answers, and other social postings that is a part of off-site content. In this live show, we will discuss how to write the perfect blog and how you can edit your content for SEO. Also, you get a chance to WIN dankash T shirt FREE by being the top sharer of the Facebook live stream.

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