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Importance Of Voice Searches And Audio Content In Digital Marketing

Running a digital marketing agency is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the year 2020 and ahead. Most graduates and new business owners tap into this business and industry for earning good profits but miss on most critical factors.

If you wish to get clients and contracts as a digital marketing agency you must first offer them value. Value is what customers hold dear, which shows them what’s in it for them. If they hire you for a so and so contract, what will be the ROI for them, how it will impact conversions, bring sales and grow their business.

So first and foremost, do not go after sales directly rather create awareness, find your potential audience in your friends, local area, family and immediate circles first, look into their problems that are relevant to your services.

How you can help aunt Salma sell more homemade cookies through her Instagram? What can you do to make more customers appear at the front door of your favorite local chai walay? Ahmad has great quality products, he’s getting leads but no conversions, shouldn’t you tell him to pick the right demographics? These are the type of things people value, that will actually make a difference for them

. Create genuine and quality content for social networks built around problems and their solutions in your industry. You will start getting clients as flies stick to a sweet. Learn more on getting clients by watching this video .

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