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Problems of today’s students, professionals, and Entrepreneur in Pakistan

Problems of today’s students, professionals, and Entrepreneur in Pakistan

What is Dankash? 

It is an online learning institute or platform. We have solved thousands of case studies in the past 3 years. There are different pieces of training for skilled and unskilled people. We have executed 800+ businesses in the international market. We have built thousands of entrepreneurs who are running their design house, editing, software house, and their agencies.

We helped a number of students learn how to earn through the internet. In a nutshell, Dankash teaches how to earn through the internet. There are 8 different business models we have prepared for people. Other than this, there are 42 training models. For Example; programming skills, technical, non-technical, IT, and non-IT programs, etc.

From which freelance skill we can earn up to $5000?

  • Video editing
  • Voice over
  • WordPress 
  • Laravel
  • Graphic designing
  • Mobile development
  • Blockchain developer

Any skill can make you earn up to $5000 with more developed expertise in your selected skill or choose the right niche to make you earn more than $5000. Payscale is very high in the international market for skilled people. Go in the right market, reach out to the right proposal and the right clients for your work. 

If you want to shift to Upwork with your main skill of SEO, what is the effective way of writing a proposal on Upwork?

Watch dankash complete course for Upwork on Youtube to know how to make a specialized profile on Upwork, how to create catalogs on Upwork, how to write an overview for the job description etc.

An effective way of writing a job proposal is to read the job description three times, even if you got the point at first glance. Check the client verified payment method, how many jobs he had offered before, grabble client’s profile is valid or not. And if you find the client authentic and understand the client’s problem then start writing a proposal opening with the client’s problem. After that give a brief description of yourself or your skill and one case study in your specified niche or three portfolio links relevant to the job description that resolve the client’s query about your expertise.

What to do for not having views on the Youtube gaming channels?

Try to make videos on new games that are now in trend and try to cover the whole game and make videos engaging with extra commentary.

How much time is required to become a full stack developer?

Take a front-end development skill and successfully complete 96000 hours or 1 year on it, then come to back-end development and work properly for at least 3 years. After 4-5 years of experience and working you could claim to become a full stack developer. Unless you don’t know the standards and techniques of programming you couldn’t solve the back-end problems.

What are the biggest problems faced by freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs?

  1. Financing
  2. Lack of Planning
  3. Hiring the right talent
  4. Effective marketing within a limited budget
  5. Self-doubt and uncertainty
  6. Dealing with criticism
  7. Attractive Customers
  8. Making Decisions
  9. Time Management
  10. Office Infrastructure

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