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Questions About Freelancing

Questions about Freelancing

I am a beginner artist. I have done fine arts. How can I start freelancing?

Start offering your freelance service at Fiverr and Instagram, as an artist both are really good platforms for beginners. Create gigs on Fiverr, check how to give services of your relevant field in the gig description. See dankash Fiverr playlist at youtube channel dankash success. It helps you to choose the right title for your gig, and how to optimize your gig as an artist. 

On Instagram, build your social presence, post your stories, build your following as an artist. Create your content calendar and follow it.

Guide me about Transcription?

Transcription is simply the subtitle of your video, the things that you were speaking in your video content are converted into a written document.

What are the rules to follow for Making Money on the Internet?

Increase your attention span; 

In order to improve your skill, you must practice it consistently. And if you press on and continue to do it, do you think that things will be different the next day? In fact, the second day when you practice your meditation again, nothing much changes. However, if you continue to do this every single day, slowly, but surely, things will change. 

What are the tips to rank an Urdu blog?

Tips are the same that are used to rank an English blog. Try to create content on such keywords that are most frequently searched. Google will definitely rank your blog with such content.

Which platform is best for graphic designing?

Fiverr is good for graphic designing as a freelancer, but must go for the design crowd, and design 99 for a better experience.

How is it to use a fake account on Fiverr?

The Internet is really authentic, even the algorithms of Fiverr work so efficiently that it can detect any flaw going through it. So, be authentic on the internet, never use any fake identity. And it often happens that people restrict Pakistanis not to bidding on their jobs. This reputation will not help us to go into the international market. For God’s sake, don’t humiliate others’ identities with your flaws.

How to do Facebook Marketing?

We had a complete playlist on the youtube channel dankash success. There would be each and everything regarding Facebook marketing: how to create posts on Facebook, how to create a custom audience on Facebook, and check the complete playlist for understanding Facebook Marketing. Whether you`re a big corporation or a small local business, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – it’s a great space to keep customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach.

What is the scope of WordPress for freelancing?

WordPress has a great scope for freelancing. WordPress is one of the largest CMS in the world. More than half of the websites operate on WordPress. One of my early students earned up to 3000-4000$ a month at a very early stage which will definitely increase with the passage of time and experience. 

Which skill is most recommended by dankash, and also has saturation?

We will not recommend anyone’s skill because this is the era of the internet and any skill related to online earning is recommended to you by dankash as well as no issue of saturation in any skill, the only point is of specification. The more you are skilled in your field, the more saturation you get.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is just a marketplace and anyone can sell anything on it; a product or service either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and’s millions of customers.

How to do freelancing on Upwork?

Freelancing on Upwork is really simple, you just have to bid on various jobs. Upwork remains the best Freelance platform in the market today. 

Yet, not all Freelancers can score high-paying clients and projects they surely love. Other Freelancers may downplay this platform by saying things like competition is tough and it’s hard to win projects in Upwork.

9 thoughts on “Questions About Freelancing”

    1. Fiverr p work k Liye pehle AP k pas koi skill hona zaruri hai.
      Agar hai to AP Dankash ki website p jayen or dashboard me Fiverr ka recorded course ho ga wo dekh Len us me AP k Liye complete guidance mojud hai

  1. Aslmo alkm….i am new here…i want to knw about freelancing…but i have no more skill…how can i make….plz help me..i m ir subscrb on fb utube….i want to fst step..plz help…

    1. Walaikum Assalam
      Freelance k Liye pehle AP k pas koi skill hona zaruri hai.
      AP ko 21 days success formula ka link diya ja Raha hai AP wo dekh Len or apni personality type or interest k mutabik koi aik skill choose kar Len phr us k mutabik AP ko further guide kar diya jaye ga.

      21 Days Success Formula ki total 2 classes han,
      Baki 19 Days ap ny Activites krni han Jo Classes me batai jayen gi

      Day 1 Class:
      Day 2 Class:

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