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Scope of WordPress and Shopify in Freelancing

What is the scope of WordPress and Shopify in freelancing?
Can WordPress and Shopify developers earn handsome?
How should they work to be successful freelancers?

Watch this live session and you will know the potential scope of WordPress and Shopify in the freelancing market. Dankash is helping people to achieve their financial and social sustainability by encouraging them for freelancing and startups.

Every brand and business need recognition. We need a platform where we can show our content and then market our value.

After the invention of e-commerce, almost every business has been shifted online. With this trend, no business will survive without an online presence.

WordPress is a platform where we can build a website and on Shopify, you can sell and manage your products.

WordPress is the largest e-commerce websites developer platform. More than 25% of the websites are developed on WordPress. If we include Shopify, then more than 50% of business websites related to e-commerce are in this scope.

Freelancing has also become a diverse platform. Considering the e-commerce boom, freelancers with these skill sets are obviously in high demand.

So if you are a WordPress or Shopify developer, gear up yourself and prove your skills on the freelancing platform.

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