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Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

Want to do social media marketing for ecommerce business?

Have you ever watched Facebook Live streams of different vendors and small shop owners of clothes and shoes picking up items and stating the prices aloud? These people are making money through Facebook without even having any understanding of ecommerce or social media in detail.

If a layman can use Facebook to make money then why don’t you use social media marketing for ecommerce store and reap great returns. Ecommerce is a rising industry in Pakistan which has reached 1 billion already. If you too have products or services that customers need then you must start social media marketing for eCommerce.

Social media marketing simply means using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and WhatsApp etc. to promote your products and services. In this live show on Friday 8 pm we will be discussing how to use social media marketing for ecommerce business. If you have any questions you may ask us during the Live stream.

Facebook and Instagram marketing are ideal for ecommerce products with many options available for ads and campaigns.

These social platforms also give advanced targeting and measuring options so that you can create effective campaigns and improve your advertising with minimum cost and maximum returns.

Join us live on 8 pm this Friday to know more about social media marketing for ecommerc

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