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The New Age “Work from Home”

Getting bored at home amid this coronavirus lockdown?

How can you maintain your professional and business responsibilities at home?

How can you work remotely with companies and clients?
Watch this live show to find a positive way to your boredom.
Dankash is helping people to achieve their financial and social sustainability by encouraging them for freelancing and startups.

AskDankash is our live Q&A session for students, young freelancers and for those who are planning to join freelancing. Don’t hesitate to ask any question that you have in your mind about your profession!

Every one of us is stuck at home and waiting for the resuming of life. But if it goes for a long period, how will you maintain your profession? Would you still wait for the offices to be opened?

Remote work or work from home is the best opportunity that the internet has given us. Now, we can work for any company in the world sitting anywhere in the world. All we need is a reliable internet connection, a laptop, and skills.

Corona lockdown has made us thinking about work from home. Even the multi-national tech companies like Dell, Amazon, and American Express etc. have allowed their workers to work from home. They have established their office environment on a virtual platform.

Freelancing is another form of work from home. Millions of freelancers are already part of the billion-dollar gig economy. Studies show that more than 50% workforce will work as freelancers by 2025.

So what are you waiting for? Start work from home and achieve your financial freedom by yourself. A survey reveals that freelancers and remote workers are earning more than their previous office jobs.
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