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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools | Digital Marketing Tools 2020

Are you interested in digital marketing and don’t have enough capital to buy expensive tools and programs?

In this video, Dania Khan and Kashif Shah of Dankash have shared some free tools that will aid you in creating a good digital marketing service to provide to your clients.

Dania and Kashif are professionals in the digital marketing field and have been working in it for the past two decades. They have worked with many clients, both locally and internationally which has helped them gain experience on what tools work and what tools do not.

Tools talked about in the video vary from tactical marketing programs to ones that help in producing the right design for your social media posts.

Many startups, in the beginning, to not have enough resources and capital to buy expensive marketing programs, and if you are one such business then this is the video for you.

These are the following links of all tools explained in the video:

Google Keyword planner(free):…


Google Web Designer (free):

MailChimp (basic free):

Google Tag Manager (free):

Facebook Pixel (free):…

Buffer (basic free for few networks):

Jetpack for wordpress:

Yoast for WordPress:

Crowdfire(Social Media Management, Simplified):

Campaign Manager(Double Click for Small Publishers):

Google forms:



Adobe Spark:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

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