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Top In-demand skills to learn in 2021

Top In-Demand Skills to learn in 2021

Which skills are required to start earning in 2021? 

Which skills are high-demand skills? 

Here are the complete details on the scope of any particular skill and how you can start that skill. You should read this to learn about the average salary you can earn by any skill and how you can grow by using that skill.

This session is basically for beginners who are starting their new careers. The problem for beginners is that they don’t know where to start and which skill they should opt for. There are a lot of high in-demand skills but three of the skills are discussed below.

Analyzing Yourself:

First of all, to begin a career on the internet and become a successful person should figure out which skill matches his personality. A person should analyze his strengths and weaknesses. The analyzing process should be a continuous process of understanding and evaluating yourself. The more you understand yourself, the better you make the decisions for your career and personal life. 

There is a swot analysis, a free resource on, and ikigai, a Japanese term used to understand where you fit perfectly. Maybe your family and friends want you to become an engineer, astronaut, or doctor, then this is not important, the important thing is what you want to become.   

In the present time and in the coming years’ businesses can’t even exist if they will not build their social presence on different social media platforms like;

  • Facebook,
  • YouTube,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter etc.
a.   Freelancing:

Freelancing is not a skill, it is a lifestyle. Half of the population of the U.S is a freelancer. Freelancer works from home. Graphic designer, content writer, virtual assistant, Facebook developer, freelance developer, and virtual office manager can do freelancing. There are many freelancing platforms for example Upwork and Fiverr.

The number of freelancers in Pakistan is approximately 1 million.

b.  Social Media Marketing:

Nowadays, Social media marketing is a high in-demand skill. Digital marketing is the head of social media marketing. If you want to sell any product on the Internet, you need to learn social media marketing. 

The average salary of a person with social media marketing skills is around 85800 in Pakistan. Internationally you can earn up to 2000$ by using this skill. You can open a social media marketing agency after learning this skill. You don’t need much investment for this. Setting up multiple businesses after setting up an agency is an easy task.

How many social media marketing users are there in Pakistan?

There are approximately 46 million social media marketing users in Pakistan.

Which platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) we should select for social media marketing?

You should first opt for a single platform. After learning and understanding the mechanism of one platform, you should select some other platform.

c.   E-commerce:

To buy or sell any product or service on the internet is e-commerce. Anyone can buy or sell products on daraz, Amazon, eBay, or can help doctors or lawyers to book their appointments online. Computer students, fresh graduates, skilled individuals, business owners, and freelancers can learn this skill. The Internet has made it easy for a person to achieve his dream goals. Your commitment and dedication are very important.

d. Video editing

However, in this remote world, businesses and brands share every minor information through videos. So, video editors are required for making quality videos for them. People love to watch things and want to learn by watching videos instead of reading for hours.

e. Digital marketing

Digital marketing permits your brand to customize your marketing task for consumers’ needs. The ultimate reason for learning digital marketing skills is that if you run a digital marketing agency then you yourself are the CO of your brand or business without relying on others.

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