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University Degree Vs Skills

University Degree Vs Skills

In the 84th part of the ask dankash show, we have discussed university degree vs skills

Do You Want to Know University Degree Vs Skills? 

Degree and skill are two sides of the same coin. To succeed in the race of life, a person needs to have a degree along with the skill. A degree without the skill would be as empty as the body without a soul. Both need to go hand-in-hand for the survival of youth. 

A degree is nothing but the certified documentation within the individual. Every person having the skill may not manage to attain the degree. Similarly, every degree holder is not necessarily skilled. The requirement of the degree of skill depends upon the organization. 

On a general outlook, which criteria carry more weightage – the degree or the skill?

Do You Want to Know why Skills are Important? 

Every degree holder is not necessarily skilled. It is the skill that helps to achieve the target and not the degree.

Skill is an abstract term that cannot be evaluated on bits of paper. It is a broad spectrum that is groomed within the individual and nurtured through the repeated practical implications in life.

It is not the degree but the skill that achieves success. A degree can just earn a job, but it cannot help to grow further without the skill.

It is a skill that attracts the employers, clients, and management which lifts or drops the person. Without the skill, the person would not be able to catch hold of the interest of their superiors and attain success.

The great people from history were all skilled people, but they didn’t have the certifications for their knowledge.

A degree is the evaluation of an abstract concept that is virtually not possible. It is the skill that helps the person to grow up both materially and financially with respect to status, importance, social respect, recognition, etc. 

A degree definitely has its own importance, as a person needs to have some skill in order to achieve the degree. A complete dumb individual cannot qualify to attain the degree.

How to complement your degree with the right skills?

When you are earning, and gaining experience, does it make sense to spend all that time and money getting a degree? 

Companies are now sensing the pinch. For job openings, employers are no longer looking for white-collar or blue-collar workers, but, instead, “new-collar” workers: “an individual who develops the technical and soft skills needed to work in technology jobs.

These workers do not have a four-year degree from college. Instead, the new-collar worker is trained through community colleges, software boot camps, professional certifications, technical certification programs, high school technical education, and on-the-job training and internships.”

Providentially, there are options to a traditional degree program that can help advance your knowledge and work experience.

Certifications will just help you demonstrate your expertise and make you sound more credible. 

Nowadays even School graduates can build a successful career with the right set of skills and certifications in hand without having a college education. So, try to get a good skill that will help you in growth.

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