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What is Freelancing and Who can be a Freelancer?

What is Freelancing and Who Can be a freelancer?

In the 81st part of the ask dankash show, we have discussed What is Freelancing and Who can be a Freelancer?

Freelancing is really one of the simplest and most pure forms of entrepreneurship. Freelancing provides the flexibility many people want in order to figure out their next career move.

 How much do freelancers charge per hour?

In 2020 freelancing income was almost 1.2 trillion. On average, a freelancer earns $21 per hour. A freelancer works 10 hours less than a person doing a 9-5 shift. It is the freelancer’s own will to work accordingly. After the COVID pandemic freelancers increased a lot.

What do you need to start freelancing?

Any one of you can start freelancing with any of the skills of your own choice. Skills may include:

Voice-over Artist
Translation/ Transcription Services
Logo Designer
Graphic Designing
Facebook Profile management
Website Development

 Skill to start freelancing

Choosing the right skill is a vital stage in freelancing. The selection of the right skill will save you both time and money. Choose your freelancing site which suits your niche. 

Do not be greedy, and do not waste your time on those skills which do not belong to your genre. Select those skills which are under expenditure. Manage the time duration of the project. 
Investment required to Start Freelancing

Many people wanted to know if an investment is required to start freelancing. Here is the answer which is no. Nothing is required to start freelancing. Any of the social accounts need no money to create an account on it. 


All these social networks market your business free of cost. You need accounts and profiles on these networks to start freelancing. At the same time, growth is necessary to remain afloat and remain in the market. 

Build your social presence:

Start offering your freelance service on Fiverr and Instagram, as an artist both are really good platforms for beginners. Create gigs on Fiverr, and check how to give services of your relevant field in the gig description. See the dankash Fiverr playlist on the youtube channel dankash success. It helps you to choose the right title for your gig, and how to optimize your gig as an artist. 

On Instagram, build your social presence, post your stories, and build your following as an artist. Create your content calendar and follow it.

 Experience required to start freelancing

Freelancing is not a rich quick scheme. It requires a lot of hard work. Everyone wants to start freelancing on Fiverr. You don’t need any experience to start freelancing. People want to know which gigs they can offer on Fiverr without experience to grow their businesses enormously. 

 Who can do freelancing?

Everyone can try and be a freelancer, however now no longer each person will ultimately grow to be a freelancer. We assume that freelancing isn’t about learning. Anyone can examine something beneficial and make cash as a freelancer. The maximum hit freelancers are self-taught. If you couldn’t forestall complaining, then you aren’t freelancing the proper way. 

 Not getting orders on Fiverr

Almost all fields of work need trust and reliability. In these distance meetings, trust is the only thing that keeps your touch stable with your clients. Be honest with your clients. Keep your ways simple and effective. You can win the hearts of clients by submitting work at the time. 

 What are skills and how can you learn them?

Skill is the ability to do something well; expertise. The things in which you are good and offer services to others are your skills. This means if you are good at writing you could provide the services of a writer if you are good at editing you can do video editing if you are good at design you can do graphic designing. Any of the expertise of your choice may be your skill.

Start Your Career in Freelancing

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