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What is Online Education and how does it work?

Due to the COVID pandemic, all educational institutes around the world are shut down. Teachers are delivering lectures through online apps like zoom, skype, and WhatsApp, etc.

Even before Covid19 the rise of online education was evident. Top educators in the world are building courses and earning by student enrollment. You can see bestselling authors, top freelancers, and other professionals offering their experience and tactics for a specific niche on different online platforms like udemy, Coursera etc.

Some professionals and institutes also set up their own websites or landing pages to offer online coaching and classes. Online education is on the rise and this pandemic has ignited things further.

There are multiple ways you can benefit from online education.

– You can learn practical skills
– You can advance in your career
– You can learn from top professionals
– Get tactics from industry experts
– Offer your own courses/coaching in a specific niche
– Build your audience
– Upgrade your skills for the digital world

Whether you are a skilled professional or in need of skill, online education can connect you with the right audience or professionals.

In this live show on Friday 8 pm we will discuss what is online education and how does it work. Please prepare your questions related to this topic and ask us live on Friday.

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