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The best digital marketing course of 2019

The best digital marketing course of 2019

In my digital marketing course, I talk about jabs and hooks, and someone has asked me why is it not appropriate to use a call to action every time I post something.

Well, the difference is between the hook and a jab. When you are providing value to the user, you should provide extreme value without asking for anything in return. Some people say yours is the best digital marketing course in 2019, why? Because it gives them value. It gives them real tactics to work on. You should include a call to actions in your posts but not always.

Don’t sound like you are begging. Give value to the user and when he has had enough value from you, that he must pay back, at that time throw your hook and give a clear call to action.

7 thoughts on “The best digital marketing course of 2019”

  1. yes’ you are right its 1st principal to give respect to others…give respect and take respect ….

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