Top skill in 2020

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Learn applied and tested digital marketing from strategy to individual platform tactics and proven results from industry experts. Invest in yourself because its the best asset you have.
2 month Course
6 hours Class duration
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Downloadable Resources
Content Strategy, Character, Purpose, Business Cards & Website

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Dankash has a proven record of helping students, freelancers, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs and digital marketers to earn online.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

The world is getting digital and every business needs talented digital marketers to grow and maximize their ROI. It is the best skill to learn for either your own business or to offer as a service to local and international clientele.

No Pre Qualification Required
Work with International Clients
Grow your brand
Build Your Own Digital Marketing Agency
Top Skill in 2020
Work From Anywhere

Program Outline

This is the course outline for Digital marketing course .
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What and Why
Types Of Digital Marketing
What you will learn

Overview of SEO
SEO strategy Actionable item
Measuring SEO success with analytics Actionable item
Ranking Factors Actionable item
SEO process in Action : Audience, Keywords, Content Strategy
SEO process in Action : Crawl Friendliness + External Linking Actionable item
Content Tips and Tricks Actionable item
SEO Culture

Content vs Context
Facebook marketing tips
Jabs Vs Hooks on Fbk
Facebook Ad Setup
Facebook Actionable Item

Instagram marketing Tips
Instagram Stories
Instagram Ad Setup
Instagram Actionable item

Twitter marketing tips
Twitter Actionable Item

YouTube Marketing Tips
YouTube Ad Setup

How to design display ads for social media marketing

Intro Video
AdWords Setup
Creating a Google Search Campaign
GDN Video
Creating a Gmail Campaign
Tracking in Google Analytics
AdWords Conversions

Create Remarketing Lists from Google Analytics
Free $45 Credit
How to Effectively Use Google Ads Actionable item

Naming Your Agency
Register Your Business
Build Your Site
Pricing Packages
Social Media

Google ListingMailing (Address/ Phone Service)
Types of Clients
First Client
Inbound Leads
Sales Calls
Automating Actionable item


What is a Personal Brand?
2 Defining Your Purpose
Purpose Worksheet
Purpose Worksheet II
Defining Your Character
Character Worksheet
Defining Your Content
Creating Engaging Content
Defining Your Channels
10 Channels Worksheet
Channels Worksheet II Actionable item

What you will learn in this course:

  1. Digital Marketing Course
    Through this program, we are sharing exactly how you can build a stable digital marketing agency starting from scratch. We have revealed the process, strategies, client winning tactics, and experiences that will help you create a sustainable digital marketing business.
  2. What's this program all about?

    This program will take you through a step by step journey towards setting up a great digital marketing business


    The best part is that it includes lessons from many digital marketing success stories. Not only we have built multiple sustainable businesses using digital marketing but we have also helped thousands of students, struggling marketers, and stuck in 9-5 individuals who wanted to build a sustainable earning using their skills


    All these journeys gave us questions that anyone can possibly have about digital marketing business and areas where digital marketers may face problems.

    We have covered everything for you in this elite program.

  3. If you want to Grow your income
  • Cover your expenses
  • Quit your job
  • Do what you love
  • Build a sustainable income
  • But you don't know exactly where or how to start - this is the program for you!

This is an exclusive program that will give you everything you need to build a digital marketing business.

  • 6+ hours on-demand video about effective digital marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing plus ad setup
  • Youtube marketing and ad setup
  • Successfully setting up Google Ads
  • Setting Up a digital marketing agency
  • Digital marketing plan using
  • Mission worksheet
  • Character worksheet
  • Content worksheet