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Flutter App Development
25,000 PKR 15,000 PKR
Flutter is a top UI development framework for building native apps for android, iOS, windows and mac.
Learning flutter app development will give you the opportunity to build robust and scalable apps for any platform you wish. Businesses around the world are inclined towards building mobile apps for internal processes, improving sales, improving engagements and building a loyal customer base. Train with industry experts with over a decade of experience to become an expert flutter app developer.
8 Weeks Course Plan
2 Hours Class Duration
Gold Medalist Certified Trainers
International Market Work opportunity
Guaranteed Internship
US-based Certificate

Who is this class for:

Anyone with a basic know how of computers can learn flutter app development including:

  • Computer Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Inter Students
  • Skilled Individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Matric students
  • Professionals
  • No Pre-Qualification Required

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Learn Flutter App Development and Start Earning Online

With mobile apps hitting $581.9 billion in revenue this year, app developers around the world are in a good position to make money. Businesses are realizing they need apps to reach their target audience as Gen Z spends 71% of their time on mobile apps, while more than 21% of millennial open their apps more than 50 times a day. By the end of this class you will be able to code and upload flutter apps for any business and niche. You can offer app development services to clients around the world and make money sitting at home, doing what you love.

Perks of Enrolling in Flutter App Development Course

  • Highly Profitable Skill
  • High Paying Contracts
  • Practical Training
  • Lifetime support
  • U.S certification
  • FREE orientation
  • NO PRE-Qualification Required

Here is what's included in Flutter App Development Course

Module 1: Introduction to Dart

Module 2: Widget Catalog

Module 3: User Interface

Module 4: User Inputs

Module 5: Navigations

Module 6: Dialogs & Custom Alerts

Module 7: Listview

Module 8: Introduction to JSON

Module 9: HTTP and Networking (GET)

Module 10: HTTP and Networking (POST)

Module 11: Third Party Integration

Module 12: Google Maps

Module 13: Firebase Integration

Module 14: Push Notification

Module 15: Deployment

Module 16: Project Assignment