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    hi I have a question what is an impression in SEO. I know when a web page is shown in SERP is count in impression, now the question is the result shown at number 20 or 30 of SERP which is not shown on the first page (and user is not going on that page) and result on number 9 and user just view till 5th result on his screen and he doest scrolled down, so is it counts in impression or not please elaborate it in details and also explain about site shown by PPC or google adds shown . ?

    thank you

    DanKash Success

    One impression is still counted if your webpage appears in 1st 100 SERPs. No matters whether your webpage was in 1st 10 or 1st 50 or more, it will be still counted under ‘impressions’. You can validate this thing with Google webmasters where your page average position could be 15+ (means not in 1st 10), but it still got an impression for a specific query. Impressions of site or webpage shown by PPC or paid ads in SERPs against a specific search term are not counted in impressions of regular SERPs. Simply they’re paid and will be shown in Google Ads (formely Adwords) only. Paid ads, additonally, have a bit different ranking criteria than normal search results. If you’re seeing an ad against a term doesn’t mean that site must be appeared or ranked up for that query in normal search results. No doubt, to increase brand trust metrices you can go for paid ads just to let Google know you’re concerned and investing on your brand. Ultimately, you’ll see a boost in SERP rank (again, this is not the SEO ranking factor, but an impact of paid marketing on SERPs).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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