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After the massive success of Freelancing Success Program and thousands of students enjoying a sustainable career, we are introducing physical classes for freelancing.
Say goodbye to unemployment, Stop being broke, Break free of the traditional 9-5, rather be your own boss and start building a freelancing career with result oriented actionable items and resources.
8 Weeks Course Plan
2 Hours Class Duration
Gold Medalist Certified Trainers
International Market Work opportunity
Guaranteed Internship
US-based Certificate

Who is this class for:

Anyone with a skill to offer remotely should learn freelancing including:

  • Skilled Individuals
  • Marketing Professionals (Social Media / Digital marketers)
  • Accountants (Quickbooks, ACCA, CA etc.)
  • Web developers (Front end, back end, android, iOS, java etc)
  • Web and graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Data Entry
  • Translators/ Transcribers
  • No Pre-Qualification Required, If YOU have any SKILL to offer remotely, YOU MUST Start Freelancing

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People who are Already Earning with Dankash

Dankash helps people earn online through career counseling, FREE content, effective guidelines and physical classes. You can also earn like these people did:

Learn to Freelance and Build A Profitable Career

Starting with a $3 job to building a $6.6 million digital agency we have learned our lessons for effective freelancing and how this could build you a sustainable business. Most of you want to choose a career that pays well, but how about a career that can make you financially independent? Most people consider freelancing as a part-time thing, NOOO!! Freelancing is a lucrative business if planned and executed properly. With years of experience and in-depth industry research working with an international clientele, we have designed an all-inclusive program that will accelerate your freelancing business whether you have already started or are thinking to start

Perks of Enrolling in Freelancing Training Course

  • Highly Profitable Career
  • Get International Contracts
  • Complete Training by Experts
  • Lifetime support
  • U.S certification
  • FREE orientation
  • For Skilled Individuals

“Is the Freelancing Success Program for me?”

If you are happy with a 9-5 dull job, being broke and following orders for the rest of your life, NO
If you are ambitious, passionate, and want to achieve financial freedom, YES.

Here is what's included in Freelancing Training Course

Module 1: Module 1: Intro To Freelancing • What is Freelancing • Reasons To Freelance • Is It For You? • Mission, Passion & Skill • Finding Your Ikigai • Unit Recap • Actionable Item

Module 2: Module 2: Branding And Positioning Yourself • Focus On Your Freelance Business • Pick A Company Name • Website • Business & Cards • Great Portfolio • Testimonials • Unit Recap • Actionable Item

Module 3: Module 3: Core Basics Before You Start • Goals • Plan • Marketing • Authentic Networking • Growth • Unit Recap • Actionable Item

Module 4: Module 4: Finding Freelance Work • Where To Find Freelance Work • Unit Recap • Actionable Item

Module 5: Module 5: Proposals / Contracts • Crafting A Winning Proposal • Sample Proposal • What Is Contract • Tips to Get A Job in Freelancing • Unit recap • Actionable item

Module 6: Module 6: Pricing • How to Price Your Service • Unit recap • Actionable Item

Module 7: Module 7: Freelancer Schedule / Lifestyle • How to Set Yours • The Freelancer Work Flow • Questions To Ask Yourself • Unit recap • Actionable Item

Module 8: Module 8: Getting Payments In Pakistan • Payment Methods For Freelancers • Actionable Item

Module 9: Module 9: Clients And Communication • Ideal client • Working With Clients • Client Feedback • Client Red Flags • Unit Recap • Actionable Item

Module 10: Module 10: Taxes And Finances • Understanding Taxes and Finances

Module 11: Class 11 Freelancer Schedule /lifestyle Based on your persibality/habts/lifestyle/fa,ily, Self care The freelancer work flow

Module 12: Class 12 Getting payments in Pakistan

Module 13: Class13 review accounts, bids, etc

Module 14: Class 14 Clients Choose clients wisely

Module 15: class 15 Taxes and finances Taxes Abhi NHI apply hotay Pakistan me

Module 16: Class 16: Resources with course Freelancers tools Quiz Batch completion Wrap up