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How Can I Start Freelancing with No Experience?

It is rapidly becoming the top choice for Millennials as their career. The question in the mind that how can I start freelancing with no experience depends on how passionate you are. According to INC. Magazine, Freelancing is the most profitable option for employers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Here are some facts that will make you believe in Freelancing.

Freelancing will be the Global Economy Booster

McKinsey Global Institute issued a report on the future of work, which states that Freelancing will add $ 2.7 Trillion to global GDP by 2025.

Young Generation Managers believe in Freelancing

The young generation managers are on the driving seat of our technology-driven business. The Upwork study reveals that young generation managers are allowing their team members to work remotely. The reason behind is that Millennials are now choosing to freelance over nine-to-five work routine. With this boom shortly, two out of three team members will be remote workers. 

Corporations will Prefer Freelancers

Freelancing will reshape our global business ecosystem. Giant corporations will gradually prefer remote workers to save their funds. To build a typical office workspace, they have to put a significant portion of their investment. By hiring freelancers for their services, these companies will save their investment. Instead, they will focus on enhancing their business productivity.  Overall it’s a win-win opportunity for corporations and freelancers.

Want to Start Freelancing without Experience? Here’s the Complete Guide

Every beginner in the Freelancing gets stuck at the start with these questions in mind.

  • How should I start?
  • How to create a perfect freelancing profile?
  • Where can I start working? 
  • How can I get freelance jobs online?
  • Which freelancing platforms I should create my account on
  • Who can freelance?

But Freelancing is not as complicated as you think. This post will guide you about every step to take on to become a successful freelancer. 

All you need is a detailed plan and the passion to work.

Know your Expertise

The very first step before starting freelance work is to know your skills. Make a clear understanding of your expertise. 

What can you do the best?

You can find your interest in any domain, i.e., developing software, designing, video editing, content writing, or any other skill. All you have to do is to make your mind about one niche and then start polishing it with time.

Where to Start Freelancing?

Now, it’s time to do a little research. You must have heard about many freelancing websites. Use the browser of your device and search for the best freelancing platforms.

You will find plenty of websites that provide the freelance platform. But we will focus on those platforms only which are suitable for beginners.

  •  Upwork: Upwork is the most significant platform for freelancers. With thousands of job postings, it has become a hot cake for every employer and freelancer. Moreover, it has a reliable payment method to avoid payment fraud to freelancers.
  • Freelancer: It is another favorite website of freelancers. It provides 1350 different categories of freelance work.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is famous for its small-scale projects. It is suitable for beginners as they can start working on small assignments.  

Other beginner-friendly freelancing platforms are:

  • People Per Hour
  • Guru
  • Toptal

Should you make Multiple Freelancing Accounts?

Yes, you should make more than one freelancing accounts on different platforms. Multiple accounts give you more job opportunities. So, don’t stick to a single website.

Create your Freelance Profile:

Creating an impressive profile on freelancing websites is not a quick task. You have to put your energy and time as well as follow the tactics and preferences of each platform. 

With the saturation increasing, freelancing websites have strict policies regarding profile creation. 

Here’s a complete video on creating a compelling profile on upwork

Giving wrong-information and non-serious behavior leads to rejection of your account.

You have to follow their guidelines to approve your profile.

To approve your freelance account, make sure you:

  • Mention EVERYTHING that they ask.
  • Show a professional behavior during the account creation.
  • Fill every detail correctly.
  • Add relevant skills.
  • Add any certification that you have achieved.
  • Give your education and employment details. It helps you get your profile rated.
  • Take a skill test (Not necessary but useful for your profile rating).

Choose your Skill

Finding the right freelance job category is an essential factor for new-comers. If you visit the freelancing websites, they have different categories of work. They have software development, writing, graphic design, video editing, marketing, customer support services, hundreds of other jobs.

Scroll-down all the categories and find your skill. Read the description of each job category. You will get a better understanding. Select the type which is the best match for your skills and knowledge. 

For example, if you are a software developer, then you have different categories. You can choose web development or mobile app development or both of them.  Add maximum skills to your profile.

Which Freelance Project should you choose?

Freelance websites post thousands of projects daily. Even in your area of expertise, you will find hundreds of project posts.  The question is whether you should choose every project to send a proposal. No, you must not send the proposal to each project/bid.

Here is how you can find only those projects which align with your skills.

Project Checklist:

Whenever you open a project post, don’t forget to run this checklist.

  • Read the project description thoroughly.
  • Check the profile reputation of the client.
  • Analyze if the project delivery time is realistic or not.
  • Check if the client has a secure payment method or not.

After completing the checklist, you can send a proposal to the client. 

 Sending your First Freelance Proposal

With millions of freelancers already in the market, how will you convince a new client to work with you? It is your freelance proposal that shines you out from other freelancers. A custom proposal is the first thing that can help win a client. 

Try to identify the client needs and craft a custom proposal. It depends on how well you write a proposal for your desired project.

Your first proposal must tell the client:

  • Services that you will offer to the client.
  • You understand well client’s requirements
  • You have a clear plan to execute the project.
  • Time-frame of the project
  • Cost estimation of the project
  • Proofread your proposal before sending it.

In the beginning, you can send proposals to low-cost projects as it helps you to build your profile. If the client asks, you can submit your work samples (if you have any).

Working on your freelance project:

Working on your first freelance project is a dream come true for every beginner.  But don’t lose your nerves! It’s the start of your career. Now, it’s time to put your skills into practice. Before start working on the project, ask these questions to yourself:

  • Have I understood the project’s requirements?
  • Do I know the scope of the project?
  • How will the project benefit me?
  • Do I have any strategy to complete the project in the promised time?

During working, you may get unnecessary distractions in any form. But it’s your responsibility to stay away from any such diversions. 

What should you do during working on the project?

Whenever you are building the project, remember to follow these guidelines.

  • Ignore all distractions.
  • Keep the focus on your work.
  • Keep calm.
  • Do your research
  • Work only in your most productive hours
  • Keep your client updated about the progress in the project.

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions:

Freelancers often avoid asking questions to the client during the project. They think it will give a wrong impression to the client. Forget this stereotype.

Ask any question about the project whenever you feel so.

Instead, it’s a positive impression of your work. The client is engaged continuously in this way. So, he will coordinate with you in a better way. Asking questions will also help you in executing the project.

Following these approaches will make sure the delivery of the project as promised.

How to build your Freelance Portfolio:

What is a portfolio?

A freelance portfolio is your chance to present your skill before the world, even if you have no experience. You are one of the millions of freelancers. How can you distinguish yourself from others in your domain?

To make a distinction from others, you must build an impressive freelance portfolio. Building your portfolio doesn’t mean adding everything to your profile. You must understand the impact of adding something to your portfolio. 

To make an outstanding portfolio:

You can shine out your collection from other freelancers by putting your time and energy.

While building the portfolio:

Work on sample projects:

For newbie freelancers, you won’t find a completed project. SO what will they do? 

Do work on some sample projects. See what is the latest trend in industry, follow relevant blogs and websites and observe what’s hot. Once you have done your research you can create your own portfolio. These samples will also help in polishing your skills (because you have practiced them.)

Show your Testimonials:

Testimonials are a great way to make people believe in yourself. 


An experienced client easily separates the original and fake ones. Add real people’s testimonies. If possible, give any reference email or contact of that person.

Show your presence online: 

New clients make sure that they work with a real person.  Adding all of your online identities to your portfolio makes you genuine. Adding your LinkedIn profile is your best professional testimonial. Build your portfolio with sincerity, and you will get acquire clients from there too.

Expand your freelance network

Network? Isn’t is related to internet devices? 

Why you need networking?

Networking is a valuable tool to improve your freelance business. It helps you connect with companies and individuals looking for services like yours. 

It increases your credibility.

It takes time to build a well-reputed business network. So don’t hesitate to give your energies to networking.

How to enhance your network?

You can improve your freelance network in many ways. 

Here are some proven methods.

Use LinkedIn and Twitter: Find top executives of your industry on Twitter and LinkedIn. Professionally interact with them. Learn from their advice.

Attend industry events: Every business industry hosts events in its niche. Never miss those events. You will find top-notch of your local area on those events.

Host a seminar/webinar: Seminars and webinars show people that you have professional behavior to work with them. So if you can, arrange such events.

Be open to every question: Always answer every question that anybody asks you. Answer the items in a way that satisfies people’s problems.

And the last, start a blog about your business and let people know about you.

Blogging is one of the successful tools to grow your network.

Final Step: Don’t compromise on your Safety 

Should you also worry about Safety?

Yes, you must assure your Safety while working as a freelancer.

ALWAYS make sure that you:

  • Use strong passwords for your freelance accounts.
  • Keep checking your financial transactions.
  • Don’t work with a suspected client.
  • Don’t immediately say yes to glamourous offers (these are scams).
  • Make your system secure.
  • Don’t share personal details with any client.


Now you have the answer to the question How I can start freelancing with no experience.

Carefully identify your skill, craft your profile, build portfolio, look for relevant projects and send custom proposals.

We have done our part. Now it’s your time to start your career!

Have Any Query?

If you still have any queries about Freelancing, we are always here to help you out. 

To get expert learning, you can enroll in our top selling Freelancing Success Program that will show you how you can go from 0 to a successful freelancer with exact steps and strategies.

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