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How Do You Convince your Parents to Support your Dreams

Career selection is a life-changing decision for everyone. It is not to be taken lightly. But our loving parents play their part much than expected. Some questions come into our minds:

Should our parents dictate us to choose a career?

Why is this centuries-old issue still present in our technology-driven life?

What should be their behavior during our career choice?

Should we opt a career by our own will? Can your career fulfil your dreams?

How can we convince our parents to accept our decision?

This video will answer some challenging questions about the role of parents in their children’s careers. The answer to all questions lies in the psychology of our parents. Remember this fact that for every parent, children are his/her most valuable asset in life.

He/she wants their children to attain the highest level of success but without any hardship. So they try to clear the way for their children. But here comes the generation gap effect! Parents don’t perceive their kids’ thoughts exactly. So a miscommunication bridge is created between them over this issue.

It is the responsibility of the children to understand the good intentions of their parents. Put your efforts in a polite tone to make them believe in your choice. Give examples of successful individuals from your society.

Tell them why you want to join this career. Show your passion and determination to that profession. And be logical and be polite! Watch the complete video and tell us about your career choice experience. Have any questions to ask or need self-help on a career choice? Feel free to ask us below or any of our platforms. Dankash is helping students, startups, and new businesses to earn money and grow through digital platforms. #Dankash #CareerChoice #ParentsRole #CareerSelection

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