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How Much Money Can a Freelance Digital Marketer Earn

Earning through digital marketing is one of the most asked questions alongside how many freelancers can earn for working 8-10 hours a day in Pakistan, • Freelancer’s vs employees, who earn more? • How many Hours usually a Freelancer Work? • What Level of Skills do you have before starting freelancing?

• How much Investment does a beginner need to start a Digital marketing agency? If you want to earn online and earn money through freelance digital marketing than you have to open your own agency and startup your own business. This video discusses how much can a freelance digital marketer make in Pakistan. If you are running a digital marketing business you have the opportunity to land lucrative contracts each month and increase your sales revenue.

Your digital marketing agency can turn into a booming business even if you start alone and can surpass freelancer’s total earning easily. The average earning of a freelancer in Pakistan varies with categories but stays around 1 lac a month. In a digital marketing agency, this could be your starting revenue if you have only 2 or 3 clients on board.

For instance, you set different digital marketing packages with the basic being 30k and advanced being 50k. Now, if you convince 2 or 3 clients (a family member, a friend, a local business owner) to let you manage their social media pages and YouTube account in 50k each, you are making 150k a month easily.

The best part is that as the months pass by, you have these recurring clients already and you can add more by simply showing analytics and conversion reports of the existing case studies you have built. As you improve your skills and learn more, you will gain experience and get hands-on setting campaigns, boosting conversions and improving the brand presence.

This means you can now charge higher for basic and advanced packages and increase you’re monthly earning easily. This video will help you understand how much a freelance digital marketer can make a month.

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