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How to Complete Watch time on Youtube

Wondering how to complete watch time on YouTube or rather how to increase watch time on YouTube? Thus far in the best way to start a YouTube channel in 2020 we have discussed everything about

• Creating your channel

• Branding and positioning your channel

• Creating a content plan

• Creating and uploading your First Video on YouTube

• Optimizing your videos and channels for ranking

• Monetization Enable Trick 2020

Now we are discussing how you can grow your channel further and increase watch hours for your YouTube channel in 2020. Watch the complete video to get exact answers about how to complete watch time on YouTube, mainly we will be talking about:

1. Hook your audience in the start of your content: There are different approaches to hooking the audience like through a question, or by stating a problem they face, by sharing a surprising fact or information, by telling a story. Right hook is critical for any piece of content

2. Use end screen annotations: It is critical that each video on your channel uses the tools and features YouTube offers. Add subscribe button, next video or relevant playlist buttons through end screen annotations so that users can stay longer on your channel and keep watching more content.

3. Include subtitles: Subtitles are more like a transcription of your video content. Videos with subtitles get more engagement as people with a different language may also watch and understand your content through subtitles. Also, often videos shared on social platforms are mute by default, and if there are subtitles, the user can read them and turn on audio if it is relevant content.

4. Engaging thumbnails: It is critical for YouTube success to have engaging thumbnails. If your videos have no thumbnails or basic thumbnail, then no one is going to click on them. If you build custom thumbnails, with text visibility and clickable posts then more people will watch your videos and you get to complete watch time on YouTube.

5. Stick till the end: Offer your users FREE tools, some resources, giveaways or bonus tips to stick till the end. Neil often does so by revealing the secret tools or important information at last.

This way more and more people watch your video till the end and helps in how to complete watch time for YouTube.

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