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How to upload the first video on YouTube Channel?

How to upload the first video on YouTube Channel?

What is Video SEO?

How to optimize Title, Description, and Tags for your YouTube Videos?

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the best way to start your YouTube channel in 2020. In this video we will discuss how to upload your first video on YouTube channel and optimize it for ranking and search.

Now that you have shot the video and done the basic editing we will discuss a few critical things to keep in mind each time you post a video on YouTube. Consider these your to-do list prior to posting any content on YouTube.

1. Your logo or brand name must appear in the first 3 seconds of your videos if you wish people to remember your brand and keep coming back.

2. Try to create the subtitles so that you can add them in your video. Videos with subtitles have a much higher watch time and share ratio as compared to the ones without subtitles. This way you get a chance to target people with different languages by offering them subtitles or even making it easier for users to understand and relate to your content.

3. Thumbnails are often overlooked yet most critical for getting more clicks. You can simply Google for the specs and guidelines of creating an engaging thumbnail for your videos. The text must be readable, the image must be relevant, the ratio of text to the image should be precise, and the use of colors for increased visibility and engagement. If you are not focusing on thumbnails you are losing a huge chunk of your target audience. Other things we will discuss in detail in this video about posting your first video on YouTube are listed below.

4. Video Title and Description

5. Tags/keywords

6. End screen annotations Watch till the end to know how to upload your first video on YouTube and optimize it for ranking and performance.

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