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How to use Facebook for Business Marketing?

Wondering how to use Facebook for business marketing?

In order to grow your business in today’s world, you need a strong virtual presence. 

There are 30+ million Facebook users in Pakistan and 2.7 billion+ users worldwide. All this is your potential market on Facebook. So, this Facebook is one of the best marketing tools you must use to grow your business.

Do you know on average a person checks his/her smartphone 150 times a day? And what does he or she do? Most of the time people check their Facebook walls. In today’s digital era everybody is stuck to his or her smartphone and digital gadgets. Social media, especially Facebook is becoming an addiction. So you must not miss Facebook in your marketing strategy. You can convert the Facebook audience to your paying customers.

Is your target audience on Facebook?

The first and most important thing before you go with Facebook marketing Strategy is to see if most of your target audience is on Facebook? If yes then go for it.

Create your Facebook business page:

First of all create your business page on facebook on this link https://m.facebook.com/pages/create

For help, watch the tutorial at Dankash YouTube channel (how to create facebook page?

Define your objectives before kicking off your facebook marketing strategy:

Once your page is done, you know the business potential market on facebook and you know your target audience is on facebook. Now define your marketing objectives, for example: 

  • Do you want to create Brand awareness?
  • Do you want to create your Product’s awareness?
  • Do you want to Create new Leads?
  • Do you want to engage existing customers?
  • Do you want to get more  page likes?
  • Do you want to launch a new product?
  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • Do you want to attach your existing customers with your brand emotionally?

The best approach in how to use Facebook for business marketing is choosing the right strategy as per your defined objectives:

“Strategy without execution is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. 

A strategy is the core of your marketing plan. Before you jump into execution you must choose the best strategy to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. Your strategy depends on your defined-objectives and goals. We will share some food for thought for you to decide your Facebook marketing strategy.

Food for thought to choose best Facebook marketing strategy:

  • To create your brand awareness, publish an image or video posts with your logo, tagline, and mission.
  • To create product awareness, publish product demo-video, or features list. Try to publish video content.
  • To create new leads, push the product to the targeted-audience.
  • To engage existing customers, host contests, competitions, ask questions and offer giveaways, five promotions, discounts, publish informative content.
  • To get more page likes, invite all your friends to like your page. Ask your existing followers to help you like your page and offer them something as reward for example discount coupons or giveaways etc.
  • To increase your sales, run organic or paid product  promotion. Strategy depends on your existing status of followers and engagement level.
  • Above mentioned suggestions are just food for thought. You can be more specific as per your marketing goals.

Image Ad or Video Ad in Facebook Business Marketing:

Research and data says that video Ads create 59.3% results and image Ads create 29.6% results. So, we recommend that you go with video ads while running awareness and reach campaigns while image ads for conversion campaigns.

There is a fact that people attach, engage and relate more with video ads as compared to simple text or image. Video ads trigger the customers emotions. And remember in the marketing world, most of the decisions customers make are based on emotions. For example “dagh to atchay hotay hen” is a punch kind of Excel-detergent. So what this emotional tagline is doing? It’s encouraging children and parents that if clothes are dirty that’s okay and good, and this is increasing the customer base for Excel brand indirectly. 

Another example of of Coke soft drink “zalima Coca-Cola pila day” 

See how companies are attaching customers with their brands emotionally and increasing their customer base and sales by triggering the emotions of customers.

Use Facebook Ads:

Organic reach is good but you also need to go on facebook paid Ads sometimes. Paid facebook ad is the best strategy to reach more customers, to create news leads within a short time. With facebook paid Ads you can run targeted-campaigns as per your niche. Watch tutorial (how to set-up an Ad for targeted audience?) 

Before you run a paid facebook marketing campaign, you must define your targeted audience with all detail and interests ask your self following questions to define your target audience:

  • What is the age of your customer?
  • What is the gender of your customer?
  • What are the interests of your customer?
  • What is the income and purchasing power of your customer?
  • What is the location of your customer?
  • What are the likes and dislikes of your customer?

And many more questions. These questions will help you to setup a targeted and exact ad. Always create an attractive and interesting ad as per the mindset of your targets audience, that might be funny, serious or informative.

Boost Posts via Facebook:

You can boost your existing best post that you think can bring more leads and more traffic to your page. Watch tutorial (how to boost a post?)

Before you boost your post you need to define your target audience to whom you are going to show your post. For best results always boost posts to targeted audiences, never target all Pakistan or all the world. Random ads will burn your cash for nothing. So, be specific and clear on your niche.

Use Facebook Sponsored Stories:

Facebook sponsored story is also one of the best strategies to grow your business on facebook. Facebook sponsored story is a facebook advertising product that actually converts people’s activities into Ads. For example, your friend Ali goes to Starbucks coffee shops, now facebook will show you;  Hey! Your friend Ali is visiting a Starbucks shop second time, third time or whatever. Now see the magic, What will happen? This story is making you curious about Starbucks so chances are now you will click on Starbucks page, like their page or you also plan in your subconscious to visit Starbucks for a coffee. So, facebook sponsored stories are printing impressions on your subconscious and triggering your mind to take an action for visiting or burying something.

Collaboration with other brands:

“Future belongs to the collaborators, not competitors”. Collaboration is the best approach to expand your business in a short time. You collaborate and cross-sell your products by collaborating with other companies. For example, you are selling clothes, in this case you can collaborate with shoe traders. Because anybody who is buying clothes most probably he or she will buy shoes too. When a customer buy clothes from you, you can refer him to the shoe trader you have collaborated with. This way, you can earn cross sell margins and add to your income. 

Live Stream to market your product on facebook:

Nowadays people are using facebook live stream to sell their products. Some e-commerce business owners are running lucrative live streams. 

Any of their sales guys display all the products on live cameras and feel the product features and price. Their existing followers are watching the streams, deciding and ordering in the comments section, or buying form links referring to their website. This way, they are closing sales during the live streams instead of conceding leads into sales. Live streams also create your brand and product awareness.

Start Your Business Marketing on Facebook

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