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99 Important Resources For Freelancers

There are some moments when you make decisions and that decisions result in benefits worth sharing with people. There must be some turning points in life that make you feel more about yourself, to find your desired path, to find the freedom you want to gain. I found my moment and decided to do Freelancing rather than going to a company and work for them.

Let me clear the air for you that it’s not a blank space where you have to find yourself standing still and alone. There are a variety of tools and resources out there for freelancers and they are increasing in numbers day by day.

One basic thing you have to understand while adopting freelancing is smart work, gross more, and happy earning. You have to quit the habit of doing everything manually all again for every new project you start. Things like proposals from scratch, managing your projects on papers, making to-do lists on paper and managing social media marketing manually is a waste of time and too old techniques.

If a project is organized and well understood before going into the process of development it lessens the efforts plus the extra time while going back to analyzing again and again. So, to succeed as a project manager either it’s a solo project or you are having a team of 10, 20 or maybe 30 you need to be more organized.

1. Podio
Be a part of a team or in an alone project, Podio is a software having specialty in customization project management. To build modules on the site is fun and super easy.

2. Liquid Planner
LiquidPlanner is very much clear from its name. It’s like a floating mechanism of priorities throughout the development of a project. It was intentionally developed for the teams who prefer to analyze the day-to-day routine and are savvy to the new challenges with each step.

3. Wrike
Looking for an app that can help you managing the project, sharing document time to time and customized workflow for each team or each project even? Then do have a look at the Wrike app. It really worth giving a try.

4. Solo
People who are multi-taskers and prefer to work alone rather than being a part of a team. It will help you and will ease your multi-tasking. Things like timesheets, project analysis, and management tools, expense tracking and many more are being provided in one app.

5. Asana
Asana is very much like social media chat apps. Its free for up to 15 people working in team. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications regarding changes to the task so everyone knows what is going on.

6. Evernote
Scared of losing notes? Try this app saves your notes online. Every file associated with the project is can be stored online through this app.

7. Trello
Some people are social and have good abilities to work in a team. People good at team work and in collaborating with others should try Trello. Add people and organize your work in the form of lists, cards also you can attach image, files and many more.

8. Basecamp
If you have multiple projects and want a management tool to ease your work, do try Basecamp. It starts at 20$ per month and you can add 10 projects at a time.

If you want to succeed as a business entity sharpen your financial management skills. You have to keep track of your earnings, expenses, and savings too.

9. Shoeboxed
To get an overview of your earnings track you must try shoes boxed. Submit your receipts and business cards and get the data of your expense report and hence manage the flaws from that report.

10. Mint
If you are working as an individual and do not need much bigger software for your financial reports. It keeps track of your bills and monitors if bills are paid on time. You can manage multiple accounts and with separate each account’s data on one dashboard and also your business and personal expenses are always separate.

11. Square
You can use square but you must understand its features first. Square basically offers online invoicing of clients at the same low rate transactions but wait, its all done through mobile devices. So, this feature of the square does differentiate it from others.

12. PayPal and PayPal Here
It acts like square but the different facility PayPal does offers is setup online payments and clients can pay you with credit card even you do not have a PayPal account.

13. Stripe
You can use stripe if you want to customize API in two cases. The first one is if you want to set up an online payment form for your clients and the second one is for selling your products online.

14. Your Rate
It’s just another robotic type app that calculates the rate as a freelance you should charge. A user-friendly interface and having ability to adjust the rates for both taxes and saving accounts differently.

15. Wave Accounting
A team with nine employees or less than nine can adopt Wave accounting ap at its best. It basically for invoicing, accounting, payments, and personal finance app that is cloud-based and is specially built for freelancers.

16. Xero
Xero has a bundle of features like banking, billing, invoicing and accounting. But you have to pay a very small amount at the start i.e. $6.30 per month for the first six months and as you succeed and get lot of work resulting to use app frequently you will pay $9 per month.

17. FreeAgent
It is exactly like its name.  A free agent that facilitates you with your records. And it is very much healthy to use if you are a solo freelancer or have a small business.

18. Outright
If you want a system to update and categorize your transactions from your accounts on daily basis then Outright is the best thing to try. This is perfect match for small businesses.

19. Invoice.to
This is basically a template that is for both web and mobile users and it collaborates with Stripe and syncs.

20. FreshBooks
FreshBooks charges $30 per month, but facilitates you by decreasing the amount of time spent on writing and organizing your invoices. A great thing about FreshBooks is its free at the beginning and you have to pay the amount if number of clients exceed from three.

20. FreshBooks
FreshBooks charges $30 per month but facilitates you by decreasing the amount of time spent on writing and organizing your invoices. A great thing about FreshBooks is its free at the beginning and you have to pay the amount if the number of clients exceeds from three.

21. Expensify
Capture you receipts and upload them on Expensify and all is done through by iPhone/ iPad and with android phones too.

22. Tomato Timer
If you have already used or came across Pomodoro then you may use Tomato Timer and it will be quite convenient for you if you are a first-timer on Tomato time. It manages your task by giving breaks every 25 minutes.

23. FocusBooster
FocusBooster is an observer app. On dashboard your progress is shown in the form of rhythm so that you may improve it. Thus, leading the user to maintain focus and avoid any sort of distractions that cause him to slow down the process.

24. Timely
It’s a two-way thing, the tasks you saved for you on timely and also on the calendar will be synched and will be combined.

25. GetHarvest.com
GetHarvest.com offers you both free and premium plans too. And also does two tasks for you i.e. Time tracking and invoicing. It works on Beanstalk, Basecamp, iPhone and have some plugins like WordPress too.

26. MyClientSpot.com
It keeps observing the hours you worked and hence makes sure they are billable and helps you to work in a more organized way.

27. TrickSpot.com
It keeps track of our time spent on the project and also calculates the amount of money left to reach the clients allotted budget for the project. Moreover, it provides you with a free iPhone application.

28. Toggle
To know how much time, you take to complete certain tasks and then to charge per hour from the client, Toggl is the best app to use for these purposes.

29. Klok
If you have multiple projects going on and wan to keep track of time spent on multiple projects separately then Klok is the best option. It lets you generate multiple projects.

30. Ora Time and Expense
Ora lets you run timer and it helps you to make a list of your tasks and thus track expenses.

31. Office Time
A famous freelancer Laura Shin swears by OfficeTime that it actually manages time of a freelancer. It shows your performance in the form of earning money per hour. To know which client is paying your actual worth in the beginning it’s a good application to use.

32. Time
Is basically a time tracking application that calculates mileage and keeps different tabs on various project budgets?

33. 25 Sites for Finding Job
A list of 25 jobs that should make you find a job as soon as possible.

34. CloudPeeps
Cloud Peeps manages to be a marketplace and a community for freelancers and businesses t do their best. It helps them to exchange work, transfer payments and many more things.

35. Authentic Jobs
Authentic Jobs have the main moto of connecting the best businesses with the best talent. It includes Design, Development, and also marketing.

36. Smashing Jobs
Smashing jobs not only provides platform for the jobs but also provides articles for web designs and web developers.

37. Working Nomads
Working Nomads provides the list of top remote jobs offered in many professional career areas. And thus, connecting professionals with businesses with freelancers across the world.

38. Proposify
Proposify provides you a list of templates within that you can choose and build our own. Once you have made a proposal and then you can save your case studies and fees.

39. Nusii
Nusii have a variety of professional proposals plus a notification system that keeps track of proposals and online facility of signing the proposals. It has a facility of 15-day free trial.

40. QuoteRobot
To go through an easy process for multiple things like invoices and contracts and to write proposals then Quote Robot is the best application to use. Also, it helps you to decide what to charge.

41. QuoteRoller
For a proposal, all you need most is quotes and contracts. Quote roller, fortunately, has this also it offers CRM system also to its users.

42. Bidsketch
Writing a proposal and receiving no money is difficult to digest situation. But bidssketch makes it easy for you and provides facility and features that can half the amount of your work.

44. SlideShare
SlideShare as most of have known before. But you can write proposals on that too for your client’s visual satisfaction and ease.

45. Balsamiq
To make mockups and organize Your UI designs in real time you must use Balsamiq.

46. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a special robotic type application I must say. It schedules your social media activities in such a way that gives an insight of overall performance that which social media activities are actually in a run.

47. TinnyLetter
TinnyLetter is simple email newsletter. Manage your profile by personalizing your signup form, share your work and many more things.

48. BuzzSumo
BuzzSumo is an app best or promotion better for the practices like when you want to know which influencer to target the most.

49. Buffer
Offering both free and paid plans Buffer lets you schedule the posts so that it may auto post them later.

50. Canva
Canva is basically for graphics. It is easy to use hence create beautiful images and adds too.

51. ClickToTweet
Just click at your own material and get others to tweet your message and post only through ClickToTweet application.

52. Edgar
Edger shares your best social media posts again and again so that it may auto-post. It schedules everything for you.

53. SumoMe
SumoMe is website tool built to increase your traffic. It includes sharing tools like heatmap, listing tools , smart bars and my more.

54. PopupAlly
Popup Ally offers you the facilities like when the user clicks something an alert or popup appears and shows some sort of message. Or sometimes when hey are about to leave they get the message.

55. Mailchimp
It’s a basic simple template form that keeps your clients updated about your new posts by sending an email marketing newsletter.

56. Aweber
A campaign that helps you to maintain relationships with all your current and previous clients by sending emails.

57. Behance
Behance basically enhances your chances of work with clients in future as you can share your products and promote them as a source of inspiration.

58. Amazon Glacier
It’s a sort of long-term storage and charges $0.007 per gigabyte per month and thus is very low cost as compared to the market rates of storage online.

59. BackBlaze
It offers super offer by providing you the facility of downloading individual files from the web or all the files at once. Also, it promises to deliver your total data in the form of hard drive in case of totally system failure.

60. Carbonite
Either it’s a personal backup or business backup account. carbonite offers you both accounts separately and hence makes it easy for you to manage it.

61. BackupWordPress
If you are already using word press then its good news that you can us Word press plugins actually to save your WP files.

62. Mozy
Mozey offers backup for all range of businesses from a small firms to large businesses. Money is a great application to trust for backups.

63. iCloud
On iCloud you can backup and Sync all projects using your Apple ID.

64. DropBox
Once DropBox is connected to your computer you have no worries left as it syncs the projects all by itself and you do not have any needs to do it manually.

65. TuexDeux
TuexDuex is basically an application that does the same thing but with better functionality than as usual to-do lists. It also lets you create custom lists.

66. 30/30
It’s a task manager for iPhone. It can set tasks and limit and the time limit can be set on repeat too. Moreover, you can customize the label, time, icon, and color of each list item.

67. LighArrow
LightArrow has a complete suite of tools for freelancers that includes tools for managing events, client relationships, email productivity, income and expense racking, and also password manager.

68. Sunrise Calendar
Sunrise Calendar syncs many applications like google calendar, Facebook, asana, Trello and many more and manages the events to form a one central to do list and thus makes it easier you to concentrate.

69. Todoist
This app is designed especially for Gmail users that convert the emails into real tasks thus making it convenient for you.

70. WunderList
It provides you with the ultimate to do list that is you can make it sync with all other applications and plus you can assign task to other people too.

71. Time to Note
To Keep track of meetings with customers, leads and others and also keep your contacts in the manner and one place and shared that will help multiple users.

72. Remember the Milk
To never miss a deadline of project, remember the milk is the best app to use.

73. Google Calendar
It is basically a website application that allows its users to schedule things and important tasks.

74. Ta-da List
With this much organized application you can show everyone your work.

75. CloudMagic
CloudMagic is basically an application for Android, iOS and also for OS X. It offers integration with a variety of applications like Mailchimp, Trello and etc.

76. SaneBox
It basically manages and organizes your inbox what to do and what is important. It will then help you to be productive in business in future.

77. FollowUp.cc
It follows up with the client after your meeting and does help you with updates.

78. Unroll.me
When the inbox is full of unwanted emails then unroll offers you the functionality of deleting all unwanted mails with just one click.

79. Inbox
An application that is the type of a robotic assistant I must say Inbox ap is. It is very organized email communication center. It automatically categorizes your emails as if they are for travel purposes, purchases, or finance or social types. It includes a snooze button and intelligent service and many more features.

80. Freelance Lift
Freelance lift offers many things including blogs, eBooks, videos and etc. Also, there is a Pro Module for more and better resources. It also offers a community for freelancers to help them in the field.

81. Freelancers Union
It is social type of application that helps and guides the freelancers in their interests like offering benefit programs, job boards and many more.

82. Domino
Consider it a hub where freelancers meet to discuss and exchange opinions in order to give you the best decisions for future projects. There are more than 1200 members so far.

83. #FreeLance
Freelance is a community and a sharing panel i must say where freelancers meet discuss things and give their opinion on their own.

84. The Middle Finger Project
This is a best blog for freelancers that can be offered, as it offers you amazing advice to small business owners in fun and better ways.

85. Under 30 CEO
This blog offers you help in all sort of awesome businesses like productivity and life style designs also.

86. 99U
To build an awesome career you must try 99U as it is for creative freelancers and new things keep on coming on the blog.

87. Work Made for Hire
Things like how to negotiate with clients, how you set rates, increase productivity and many more things and hence offering advice for creative people.

88. Zen Habits
The founder of the blog i.e. Leo Babauta is a self-employed freelancer and hence a lot to share about his experience including success and failure stories too. SO, this blog is a direct help from a well-established freelancer.

89. CopyBlogger
A platform that offers a number of resources for content writers and marketers. You can create content and that would be of great value.

90. One-woman shop
If you are aiming to brace yourself and be your own limit like there is no boss of yours and no one can out a money tag on your work then this is beast meant for you there will be thousand of freelancers that are their own bosses and earning well.

91. BufferApp
If you are aiming to brace yourself and be your own limit like there is no boss of yours and no one can out a money tag on your work then this is beast meant for you there will be thousands of freelancers that are their own bosses and earning good.

92. Seth’s Blog
Some people prefer to work and build their community with innovation. This blog is going to guide you in all the ways you should try and you are a god to go with this information.

93. LifeHacker
Learning to new daily life hacks? Thinkers that are innovative and keep on trying new technologies this is best thing you can afford to have.

94. Webdesigner Depot
A platform that is unique in its qualities like it facilitates you with free web designer kits, free articles for social media, HTML and branding yourself and many more things. This is a dream thing for the web designers.

95. Fast Company
What if you are being guided by best entrepreneurs that are successful and giving you the tips? to crave for this you have to go to Fast company and get yourself ready for success. It lets you manage your business plans.

96. Good
One thing many facilities like the content on latest technologies, books, lifestyle, design, and recommendations. It also lets you share your experiences like how you are doing things and hence it leads people to share their stories.

97. Pro Blogger
Pro blogger is like a playgroup category in modern school systems. If you are new to the blogging field and need guidance then do try pro blogging and you are sure to go for polishing your blogging skills in a very creative and excellent ways.

98. LKR Social Media
Luara Roeder is a social media expert and provides you the techniques and tips for better social media updates for your business and this is for variety of people whatever their profession is.

99. Contently
This sums up every thing, The questions that are bothering you are well answered on this blog that you are hesitant to ask sometimes.

100. Bonus tip

Many of you want to make passive income through blogging. This is a comprehensive and detailed guide to start your own blog.

Click to read the Complete Blog: How to Start a Blog that makes Money. 

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