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Digital marketing is incomplete without Facebook marketing, youtube ads, Instagram marketing and twitter growth. If you want to be in business, be at social media. Perform like a pro with this amazing Social Media Marketing Course by dankash.
6 Weeks Course Plan
1 Hour Class Duration
Gold Medalist Certified Trainers
International Market Work opportunity
Guaranteed Internship
US-based Certificate

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  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Skilled individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Content Creators
  • Existing businesses and Enterprises
  • Home Makers
  • No Pre Qualification Required

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Grow Your Income With Social Media

Social media is the new world, hottest for brands and businesses to interact with customers, increase awareness, build trust and SELL more. However, to stay on top of the social media competition, you have to devise unique strategies understanding context and content on each social media platform individually. There is no one fits all strategy that can work for your overnight. For effective digital marketing, you need insight into each social platform and its tactics so that your overall digital marketing strategy is in place. Build Your Audience, Grab Attention, INCREASE Sales And Grow Like Crazy With This All Inclusive Class in Urdu.

This is an exclusive program that will give you everything you need to build a Social Media Optimization

  • Content vs Context
  • Facebook
  • Facebook marketing tips
  • Jabs Vs Hooks on Fbk
  • Facebook Ad Setup
  • Facebook Actionable Item
  • Instagram
  • Instagram marketing Tips
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Ad Setup
  • Instagram Actionable item
  • Twitter
  • Twitter marketing tips
  • Twitter Actionable Item
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Tips
  • YouTube Ad Setup
  • How to design display ads for social media marketing