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Combo (SMM + Fiverr)

Want to start online business? The best and easiest business to start in 2021 is Social Media Marketing Agency

  • Modules: 47
  • Hours: 7
  • Price: 100,000 0

What Real Members Have To Say

Recent research shows that 97% of Pakistani who took a course with Dankash learnt something new for themselves or their business.

Program Outline

Complete Fiverr Training

Module 1: Class overview

Module 2: What’s so good about fiverr?

Module 3: Meet the teacher

Module 4: Freelancing with fiverr

Module 5: Starting on Fiverr Must Know

Module 6: How we work is changing

Module 7: Market your fiverr gigs

Module 8: Clarify your work values

Module 9: Creating a profile on fiverr

Module 10: Craft your gigs to suit your well

Module 11: Why fiverr wants you to make money

Module 12: How much money you earn

Module 13: 10 ways to make more money

Module 14: Plan your first gig

Module 15: Create a gig step by step

Module 16: Pricing your gig

Module 17: Spying on competition

Module 18: Researching a new topic

Module 19: Moving up the levels

Module 20: Your new office

Module 21: Powerful selling tools

Module 22: Make a great start

Module 23: Grow your success

Module 24: Boost your results

Module 25: Resources for growth and success

Module 26: Consider a few negatives

Module 27: Success tips

Social Media Marketing Course

Module 28: Intro

Module 29: Content vs Context

Module 30: Facebook

Module 31: Facebook marketing tips

Module 32: Jabs Vs Hooks on Fbk

Module 33: Facebook Ad Setup

Module 34: Facebook Actionable Item

Module 35: Instagram

Module 36: FInstagram marketing Tips

Module 37: Instagram Stories

Module 38: Instagram Ad Setup

Module 39: Instagram Actionable item

Module 40: Twitter

Module 41: Twitter marketing tips

Module 42: Twitter Actionable Item

Module 43: YouTube

Module 44: YouTube Marketing Tips

Module 45: YouTube Ad Setup

Module 46: Recap

Module 47: How to design display ads for social media marketing

Who needs this combo?

If you want to start online business in Pakistan, then this is the BEST AND QUICKEST Way to do so
This lethal combo teaches you everything you need to start a successful business, first you get a skill/service (social media management) , then you get clients through Fiverr for your service.

  • IT Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Marketing Students
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Inter Students
  • A/O Levels Students
  • No Degree or Pre-Qualification Required