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Ethical Hacking
100,000 PKR 10,000 PKR
Become an Expert Ethical Hacker - Learn Top Skill of the FUTURE With 10 years of experience in international market this trainer will show you in depth hacks and tactics for ethical hacking.
8 Weeks Course Plan
2 Hours Class Duration
Completion Certificate

Who is this class for:

  • CS Students
  • Inter Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Computer Graduates
  • No Pre Qualification Required

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Perks of Enrolling in Ethical Hacking Course

  • High Future Demand
  • Become Cyber Security Master
  • Practical Training with Expert
  • Lifetime support
  • Completion Certificate
  • FREE orientation
  • NO PRE-Qualification Required

Here is what's included in Ethical Hacking Course

Module 1:

Introduction Workshop Objectives

Module 2:

Cyber security Fundamentals What is Cyberspace? What is Cyber security? Why is Cyber security Important? What is a Hacker? Case Study Module Two: Review Questions

Module 3:

Kali Linux: Introduction of kali Linux Installation of Kali Linux impact of Kali Linux in Hacking Update and Upgrade Kali Linux Tools

Module 4:

Types of Malware Worms Viruses Spyware Trojans Case Study Module Three: Review Questions

Module 5:

Cyber Security Breaches Phishing Identity Theft Harassment Case Study Module Four: Review Questions

Module 6:

Types of Cyber Attacks Password Attacks Denial of Service Attacks Passive Attack

Module 7:

Types of Cyber Attacks Penetration Testing Case Study Module Five: Review Questions

Module 8:

Prevention Tips Craft a Strong Password Two Step Verification Download Attachments with Care Question Legitimacy of Websites Case Study Module Six Review Questions

Module 9:

Mobile Protection No Credit Card Numbers Place Lock on Phone Don’t Save Passwords No Personalized Contacts Listed Case Study Module Seven: Review Questions

Module 10:

Social Network Security Don’t Reveal Location Keep Birthdate Hidden Have Private Profile Don’t Link Accounts Case Study Module Eight: Review Questions

Module 11:

WordPress Vulnerabilities WordPress Audit Dictionary Attack on WordPress

Module 12:

Prevention Software Firewalls Virtual Private Networks (Type of vpn) Anti Virus & Anti Spyware

Module 13:

Prevention Software Routine Updates Case Study Module Nine: Review Questions

Module 14:

Final Lab

Module 15:

Final Lab with 1 live performance

Module 16:

Queries Practice Revision