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Ethical Hacking
100,000 PKR 10,000 PKR
Become an Expert Ethical Hacker - Learn Top Skill of the FUTURE With 10 years of experience in international market this trainer will show you in depth hacks and tactics for ethical hacking.
8 Weeks Course Plan
2 Hours Class Duration
Gold Medalist Certified Trainers
International Market Work opportunity
Guaranteed Internship
US-based Certificate

Who is this class for:

  • CS Students
  • Inter Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Computer Graduates
  • No Pre Qualification Required

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Gold Medalist

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Learn the Skill of The Future - Master Ethical Hacking

Dankash wants you to succeed. We wish to empower YOU with practical and futuristic skills that will help you make more money and be grow more. Cyber Security is one of the top demanded skills in future. If you wish to dominate and advance you must your expertise in this niche. Train withIndustry Expert with 10 years of experience to become a top ethical hacker. Discounted rates only so that YOU our fans, can look towards a promising future.

Perks of Enrolling in Ethical Hacking Course

  • High Future Demand
  • Become Cyber Security Master
  • Practical Training with Expert
  • Lifetime support
  • U.S certification
  • FREE orientation
  • NO PRE-Qualification Required

Here is what's included in Ethical Hacking Course

Module 1: Introduction

Workshop Objectives

Module 2: Cyber security Fundamentals

What is Cyberspace?
What is Cyber security?
Why is Cyber security Important?
What is a Hacker?
Case Study
Module Two: ReviewQuestions

Module 3: Kali Linux

Introduction of kali Linux
Installation of Kali Linux
impact of Kali Linux in Hacking
Update and Upgrade Kali Linux Tools

Module 4: Types ofMalware

Case Study
Module Three:ReviewQuestions

Module: 5 Cyber Security Breaches

Identity Theft
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions

Module 6: Types of Cyber Attacks

Password Attacks
Denial of Service Attacks
Passive Attack
Penetration Testing
Case Study
Module Five: ReviewQuestions

Module 7: PreventionTips

Craft a Strong Password
Two‐Step Verification
Download Attachments with Care
Question Legitimacy ofWebsites
Case Study
Module Six:Review Questions

Module 8: Mobile Protection

No Credit Card Numbers
Place Lock on Phone
Don’t Save Passwords
No Personalized Contacts Listed
Case Study
Module Seven: ReviewQuestions

Module 9: Social Network Security

Don’t Reveal Location
Keep Birthdate Hidden
Have Private Profile
Don’t Link Accounts
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions

Module 10: WordPress Vulnerabilities

WordPress Audit
Dictionary Attack on WordPress

Module 11: Prevention Software

Virtual Private Networks (Type of vpn)
Anti‐Virus & Anti‐Spyware
Routine Updates
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions

Module 12: Final Lab

Final Lab with 1 live performance