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Zahid Habib- From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Why do we inspire from successful people we see around us? Can we also become a successful person in our life? Dankash Success has so many success stories for your inspiration. Watch this success story and you will find yourself filled with motivation.

Dankash is helping people to achieve financial and social sustainability through business, freelancing and startups. Zahid Habib, a young graduate had the same passion a few years ago. He realized his potential growth in freelancing as it was more natural to his skills. 

He started his freelancing career with a dedicated passion. But he felt stuck after a while. What could he do? 

He did not give up. He decided to get help from a successful story.

Then was the role of Dankash. He shared his problem with Dankash. Their experts guided him thoroughly and consistently. 

After a long way to hard work and smart guidance from Dankash, he started to get valuable freelance projects. He continued his professional success in the same manner. 

Today, Zahid is a young entrepreneur with a portfolio of various local and international clients. His business worth now exceeds in millions. 

Zahid is also a business partner with Dankash now.  

Interested in listening to the story? Watch the whole success story and get inspired!

Dankash Success is a learning platform for business aspirants. To know more such useful business tips, watch our other videos on the channel.

Want to be a success story for others? Share your inspiration with us and we will help you with achieving it!

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