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Two Intermediate Students Got Stuck In Their Life

Two intermediate students got stuck in their life and contacted dankash for help. We called them for a one-to-one session with Kashif and recorded it for other students or youngsters so that they too can get the best career advice. This is the story of Awais and Qamar who were feeling stuck in life and had no clue about choosing the right career or direction for their life.  Both these guys are now Alhamdulillah a part of dankash team and learning practical skills for a successful life ahead.  When they came to us their head was full of questions like:  

 • How do I move on with my life?  

• What to do when you’re feeling stuck in life?

  • How can I stop being stuck in the past?

  • Why We Feel Stuck in Life?

  This session gave them tips for choosing the right career and would prove to be the best career advice for students.  Whether you want to secure a well-paying job or run your own business, you have to be clear about your goals and enough confidence to express yourself. The prevailing issue in our society is we think of scope first. Our parents or elders convince us to adopt certain careers or enroll in certain degrees because they have a good scope and the future will be secure. 

This is the worst approach towards practical life. One of the best tips for choosing the right career is following your interest and knowing your skills. If you ignore your own interest and passion and only pursue a career for the sake of scope you will end up feeling stuck in life. This is a highly informative session containing the best career advice for students living in any part of the world.

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