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Profitable Examples of Social Media Business Ideas in 2020

Do you want to earn money on the internet? Are you looking for social media business ideas? So, this article is for you. Read it and see the best examples of Social Media Business Ideas in 2020. Launch a profitable social media business.

Why should you start your social media business in 2020?

Pakistan has a big internet market. Pakistan has 76.38 million active internet users. According to an international report from Statista, almost 4.57 billion people are active internet users as of July 2020, which is 59 percent of the total world population.

Do you know what it means? It means 4.57 billion people are your potential customers. 59% of the total world population is your target audience. There are 30+ million Facebook users in Pakistan and 2.7 billion+ users worldwide. All this is your potential market on Facebook. 

There are 6.4 million + Instagram users in Pakistan and 1 billion+ users worldwide. So, a lot of your potential customers are using Instagram.

There are 19.5 million+ TikTok users in Pakistan and 500+ million users worldwide that can be your potential customers. 

There are 3million+ Twitter users in Pakistan and 330 million+ users worldwide. YouTube has millions of active users in Pakistan and 2 billion users worldwide. If you convert only 0.1% of internet users into your customers, you can be a Millionaire. 

What things do you need to start a social media business?

You only need a laptop, an Internet connection, passion, and will-power, and you are ready to rock and roll.

Profitable Examples of Social Media Business Ideas in 2020

Before you jump into the market, give your brain food for thought and a clear roadmap of your success. The following are 10 examples of social media businesses that can help you  draft your business plan. 

Become a Freelancer:

Freelancing is the most simple and easy form of Entrepreneurship. Freelancing is a kind of self-employment. You work for your customers on your schedule, you get money as per your fees and pricing, you are not bound to follow a 9 to 5 routine and a fixed office routine. You can work anywhere, anytime. If you have a certain skill for example you are a Graphic designer, a content writer, a resume writer, or an expert in any other thing then you can start your freelancing website as your social media business. You can also create your freelance account on any freelance marketplace. We recommend you to do both to capture more business. 

You can create your account on following Freelance Platforms and marketplaces:

www.fiverr.com Fiverr is the world’s leading freelance marketplace. If you have any digital skills, you sell here at your price. A service that you sell on Fiverr is called a Gig. You can start to charge from 5$ per job. 

Some other Top freelance platforms:





Start a Digital Marketing Agency:

There are 28 million+ smartphone users in Pakistan and 3 billion+ smartphone users worldwide and the number is increasing day by day. It means every business will go on the internet ultimately. All those businesses which are already on the internet or want to go on online, they need social media marketing, SEO and many more digital services. You can start your social media marketing agency. Read the following example of social media marketing agency:

BRAND LOCUS, www.brandlocus.pk

Services: Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media, Local SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development.

Unique Selling Points: Increasing customers’ brand awareness, reach and leads generations are their unique selling points.

You should offer only those services in which you and your team are expert.

Web Development Company:

Every small, medium and large business needs a website to showcase their products and services online. If you are skilled in building a website, you can start a web development company as your social media business. Read the following example:

Superior Marketing, https://www.superiormarketing.pk/

Primary service of SupperiorMarketing is a website development and SEO but they offer services from design to Development to Marketing. For their secondary services like creative and IT, they have collaborated and partnered with other companies and freelancers. This is also a strategy to offer customers one platform to fix their pain.

Unique Selling Points: 

Their unique Selling Points points are Custom Website Development and SEO on the base of customer need analysis and market research.

Start your Domain & Hosting Company:

If you are a service oriented person and want to earn service charges for a long term.If you want to build your customer base on a permanent basis then Domain and Hosting Service Company is the best social media business for you. Read the following example:

WebSols Pakistan, www.websols.pk

WebSols Pakistan is offering web hosting and email hosting services. 

Unique Selling Points: 

100% uptime, 24/7 service, maximum of their customer services’ things are on auto pilot mode 24/7. If any customer approaches them even in mid night, their automatic customer management system will respond to the customer with a ticket and it remains open until the query is resolved. They have a perfect quality and feedback system, and this is the point their customers are loyal with them.

Online Education:

Education is a basic need of every child. Every child needs education. Education is a big market. There are 23 million + out of school children in Pakistan. You can come up with a smart idea to teach those children at a very low price. Or If you are a home tutor and know how to manage other tutors, you can start your online tutoring agency as your social media business. Check our following example:

Fahad Tutors, https://fahadtutors.com

They offer online tutoring services and provide home tutors to parents for their children. 

Unique Selling Point:

Personalised learning is their unique selling point. For example if a student is not doing well in school, this tutoring agency will provide them a tutor that will analyse a student’s weak areas and then tutor will teach him/her as per student’s abilities and pace.

Start Your YouTube Channel:

There are millions of YouTube users in Pakistan and billions worldwide. If you are a  creative guy and you can create good content for the YouTube community then you can create your own YouTube channel. For example, if you know cooking, you can start a cooking recipe channel. If you are good at healing others and inspire them you can start a channel as a motivational speaker, influence or counselor. You can earn money by monetizing your channel. Read out the following example:

Ali Ahmad Awan, http://www.aliahmadawan.com

Ali Ahmad Awan is a 22 years old young guy. He is still a student but also a social influencer, motivational speaker, and healer. At the age of 16 he started to record his videos with his mobile camera and started to publish on his facebook account and YouTube channel, and today he is one of the best motivational speakers in Pakistan.

Online Consultancy Firm:

If you are expert in a certain field with a good experience and knowledge, you can start your online consultancy firm as your social media business. In today’s world every individual needs consultancy in personal matters like health, education and business, every business needs consultancy in business matters like business development, marketing, legal matters and tax matters etc. Online consultancy is a decent and profitable business. Read following example:

TaxCare, www.taxcare.pk

TaxCare is a Law firm offering tax and business laws related services in Pakistan.


Sole Proprietorship Registration, Partnership Firm Registration, Private Limited Company Registration, Income Tax Return Filing, Sales Tax Return Filing, Tax Appeals and Litigation, NTN and Sales Tax Registration, Lahore Chamber of Commerce Membership Registration, Weboc Registration, Trade Mark Registration, Copyright Registration, Drafting Agreements and Contracts, IT Company and Call Center Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Registration of Construction Company with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Registration with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

Unique Selling Point: Business Law and Tax expertise and knowledge.

Start Your eCommerce Store:

Nowadays online shopping is catching the attention of people, especially the 21st-century generation is coming to online shopping. Daraz, Alibaba and other e-commerce big players are changing trends from on-site to online. You can start your online store and sell anything like clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handicrafts, mobile phones, laptops, or any other product. If you don’t have any investment, you can start with a drop-shipping model. Check out the example:

Buysense, https://www.buysense.pk

Buysense is an online fashion store. They sell men, women and kids clothes. They don’t have their own stock. They are earning with a drop-shipping business model. They have taken other merchandisers on their panel, showcase their products on their website and social media channels, sell and earn a commission. 

Unique Selling Point:

Money-back guarantee. 7 days return and refund policy. 

Become a PodCaster:

If you are a radio personality, you talk good on different topics, or expert in a certain field, you can start your PodCast Channel as your social media business. People listen to podcasts while they drive, cook in the kitchen, or doing something else when they can’t see on screen but still want to learn.

AirSchool, https://airschool.com

AirSchool is an online education and learning platform. They teach students online by using video classrooms but they are also running their PodCast Shows to create leads, to create their brand awareness, to reach more customers.

Unique Selling Point: 

Their unique selling point is Skill Based Education.

Start a Blog:

If you are a great writer and write creatively on any topic then you can start a blog as your social media business. You can start a blog about news and analysis too. Once your blog catches good traffic, you can apply for monetization of your blog and earn money. Blogs are too good to educate people. Read the following example:

ILAM KI DUNYA, https://www.ilmkidunya.com

Ilmkidunyab is an educational blog. They share news and updates about Pakistan’s schools, colleges, universities, and Govt. education news. They earn money by showcasing Ads of educational institutes on their website. They also have their youtube channel where they offer free academic coaching to students. They also learn money from their YouTube channel as they have monetized it.

Start Your own Social Media Business

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