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Social Media Marketing

Effective use of social media platforms to connect with audience to build brands, increase sales, and drive website Traffic

  • Modules: 2
  • Hours: 3
  • Price: 40,000 0

Businesses we  Have helped

Recent research shows that 97% of Pakistani who took a course with Dankash learnt something new for themselves or their business.

Who needs this class?

If you want to be ahead of the game, you need to excel at every part of digital marketing. This social media marketing course is best for:
Small business / Home based business
Business owner
Enterprise business
Online advertiser
Digital marketing agency
SEO agency
Social media agency
Stay ahead of the market and equip yourself with the best in demand skills to embark on a successful journey in a digitally advanced world changing every nano second.

This is an exclusive program that will give you everything you need to build a Social Media Optimization

  • Intro
  • Content vs Context
  • Facebook
  • Facebook marketing tips
  • Jabs Vs Hooks on Fbk
  • Facebook Ad Setup
  • Facebook Actionable Item
  • Instagram
  • Instagram marketing Tips
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Ad Setup
  • Instagram Actionable item
  • Twitter
  • Twitter marketing tips
  • Twitter Actionable Item
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Tips
  • YouTube Ad Setup
  • Recap
  • How to design display ads for social media marketing