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Start Social Media Marketing Agency
20,000 PKR 10,000 PKR
Setup your Social Media Marketing Agency to build a profitable business. Step by step training with industry experts to achieve financial stability.
8 Weeks Course Plan
320 Hours Class Duration
Guaranteed Skill
Guaranteed Job
Lifetime Support
US-based Certificate

Who can start?

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Startup
  • IT Newbies
  • Online advertiser
  • Small businesses
  • Content Creators
  • Existing businesses and Enterprises
  • Home Makers
  • No Pre-Qualification Required.

Recorded Course

Social Media Marketing Agency

You don’t need to wait until your degree is complete to start earning for yourself

  • Modules: 16
  • Hours: 3
Practical Training

Social Media Marketing Agency

A 360 Hours Extensive Practical training along with complete Business Setup

  • Modules: 16
  • Hours: 320
Live Training

Social Media Marketing Agency

Learn Social Media Marketing – Build your agency – Start getting contracts – Make good money.

  • Modules: 16
  • Hours: 32

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Social media marketing agency – Best & Easiest business to Start

Do you want to get lucrative and recurring contracts for social media marketing by setting up your own agency?
How fun it can be to live freely, go anywhere and EARN by promoting businesses on social media.
You don’t need any qualification or diploma, to be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Train with industry experts in effective and easy training to build a profitable social media marketing agency.
How much social media marketing agency can make?
Imagine having digital marketing contracts worth 30-50k each of 10 clients, how much would you be earning every month and every year?? 300,000 – 500,000 lac a month!!
Do the math for a year and you will never need to work again.

Perks of Enrolling in Social Media Marketing Agency

  • Easy and simple
  • Close recurring contracts
  • Earn anywhere, any time
  • Launch your Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Top demanded service
  • Highly Profitable Career
  • Get International Contracts
  • Complete Training by Experts
  • Lifetime support
  • Internship Certificate of US-based Software Company

Here is what's included in Social Media Marketing Agency

Module 1: Social Media Marketing Introduction

Intro to SMM
Content Vs Context

Module 2: Introduction to Facebook

Introduction to Facebook

Module 3: Facebook Page

How to Create Facebook Page

Module 4: Facebook Page Settings

Facebook Page Advance Settings

Module 5: Facebook Shop Setup + Services

How to Create Facebook Shop

Module 6: How to Link Social Accounts + Insights

How to Link Instagram with Facebook Page

Module 7: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Introduction

Module 8: Facebook Ads Continued

Create a Business Manager Account

Module 9: Ads Analytics

Facebook Ads Analytics

Module 10: Instagram

Introduction to Instagram

Module 11: Youtube


Module 12: Twitter


Module 13: Post Designing

Setting up Your File

Module 14: Personal Branding and Content Strategy

What is a Personal Brand

Defining Your Purpose

Character Worksheet

Defining Your Content

Creating Engaging Content

Defining Your Channels

Channels Worksheet


Module 15: Setting up Your own Social Media marketing Agency

Introduction to Setting Up Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency

Naming Your Agency

Register Your Business

Build Your Site

Pricing Packages

Social Media

Google Listing Address Phone Service

Module 16: Start Your own Social Media Marketing Agency Continued

What is a Personal Brand?
2 Defining Your Purpose
Purpose WorksheetTypes of Clients

First Client

Sales Calls

Inbound Leads



Purpose Worksheet II