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Successful Experience Of Zubair With DanKash

Amazing story of Zubair’s successful experience with Dankash is sure to inspire you to create your own success story. After meeting dankash, zubair realized the common habits of successful persons and adopted daily success habits that helped him grow his career, improve his business as a freelancer and excel in his field. This session is recorded so that it offers learning from successful experience to other freelancers and young entrepreneurs.
We often bring you successful business stories in Pakistan or entrepreneur stories of people that we directly interact with, to show you how it’s done and how once day you can become one of the great entrepreneurial success stories.
When Zubair came across dankash for the first time, he had a degree in CS but no practical experience or perspective on success, freelancing and entrepreneurship.
Our core is to enable students, skilled individuals and small businesses to become self-sustainable and achieve success not only in terms of money but also life and health. Zubair’s individual learning included everything from practical programming skills to English communication, success habits including hygiene, diet, mindset, and people skills. Instead of trying to become an entrepreneur we first need to understand why is entrepreneur successful.

To get a clear understanding we must look around and see who are the top successful entrepreneurs in our niche and what success habits do they have in common. We will keep bringing you more entrepreneur stories of successful experience with dankash so that you guys can learn and apply in your own life. This is one of a kind success story of businessman to inspire you to do more and be more.

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