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Seven tech Testimonial 2

Seven Tech Testimonial

Zubair From Swat shares how he started freelancing after watching dankash videos and got 11 jobs on Upwork.

He saw upwork earning course and learned from asking questions in askdankash live show about how to bid, how to create profile, how to win jobs and strategy for success. You can also start earning through freelancing on Upwork and Fiverr.

Prayaas Suri Testimonial

Paryas Suri is from India and started freelancing after watching dankash videos and is earning a great deal. Suri is hoping to open up his office after the lockdown is over and he learned everything about jobs and freelancing through dankash.

You can also earn through freelancing by working on Fiverr and Upwork etc.

Kamal Ch Testimonial

Kamal is a level 2 seller on Fiverr earning 2-3 lac average on monthly basis. Kamaal shares his experience in askdankash live show how he watched dankash courses and enhanced his freelancing. His sales improved and earning increased. You can also earn on Fiverr by creating gigs for remote services.

How Ibrahim builds the life he wants.

Ibrahim belongs to Peshawar he completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Quetta. He couldn’t see his career until he met us. Watch how he build up his career.🏆🏅🎯

Abdul Qadeer’s exceptional life-changing story

Abdul Qadeer belongs to a small village near Gujrat, Pakistan. He was the only person to get lucky enough to get education and change his life. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he thought he had learned enough to compete in the market but eventually he realized getting a degree is not enough that’s where he met us. 🏆🏅🎯

How Salman Paved his way in the IT market

Salman Hussain is a fresh graduate in Computer Sciences from the University of Lahore. He was quite worried about his future career because he was not aware of the IT market, that’s when he met us.

How Ahmed Become a YOUNG Front End Developer.🎯

After graduating Ahmad thought he was lucky to have found an internship in the relevant field. But in 6 months he realized if he continued with the same pace it would take him years to be a success in his career, that’s when he met us. 🏆🏅🎯

How Mahmood sets his Career Path to become iOS developer

Mahmood was raised in Saudi Arabia and so his schooling was also from Saudi Arabia. He came back to Paskistan completed his graduation and started doing Master but still could not decide what his career path is that’s where he met us.

How Saad Build his career in Freelancing

Saad is studying as a Computer Science graduate when he completed his 6th semester he started applying in different companies but failed to get a job that’s where he met us 🏆🏅🎯